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This form must be completed by a scheduling officer. I am a scheduling officer »

We have 9 room schedulers in the College of Education. In most cases it's one per department, but some have two and others have a "back up". Each sectioning officer must first load their department's courses into Banner and then submit a room request to Freita, Heather, or Truitt based on their need.

Please find your sectioning officer below if you're unsure who it is for your department.

  • Career Information Studies
    Carol Baum, 542-1682 for courses: EBUS, EMKT, ERSH, ETES, EDIT, WFED
  • Communication Sciences and Special Education
    Heather Roberts, 542-4606 for courses: CMSD, AMSL
    Connie Tucker, 542-4561 for courses: SPED
  • Counseling and Human Development
    Nikki Williams, 542-1813 for courses: ECHO, EFND, RLST (Graduate)
    Susan Mattox, 542-1912 for courses: ECHO, RLST (Undergrad)
  • Educational Psychology
    Pamela Fortner, 542-4258 for courses EPSY, ERSH
  • Educational Theory and Practice
    Linda Dunbar, 542-3967 for all ETAP courses
  • Kinesiology
    Truitt Broome, 542-0327 for courses: KINS
  • Language and Literacy Education
    Marriane Roberts, 542-4505 for courses: LLED
  • Lifelong Education , Administration, and Policy
    Cindy Williams, 542-3343 for courses: QUAL, EDAP, EADU, EDUC, EDLP
  • Mathematics and Science Education
    Rita Tiller, 542-4194 for courses: Athens Campus EMAT, ESCI; Griffin Campus EMAT, MATH

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. Please note: The course must be loaded in banner before you submit this room request. Additionally, please do not put the room number into banner; the system will populate when the reservation is completed.

View the Astra schedule for classroom availability.

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