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The Office of Faculty and Staff Services is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff members in recognizing and realizing their potential. The office facilitates a range of programs and opportunities for faculty and staff across all career stages. From initial hiring through promotions and retirement, our office works to create and sustain excellence within the College of Education.

Our office provides support to faculty and staff members across the career span:

  • Searches
  • Hiring
  • Annual evaluation
  • Promotion and tenure
  • Awards
  • Graduate faculty status
  • Post-tenure review
  • Travel support
  • Professional development

Contact Details

  • Address:
    G4 Aderhold Hall
    110 Carlton Street
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Phone: 706-542-2696
  • Associate dean: Denise Spangler
Faculty and staff


  • Administrative Compensation and Budgeted Time

    Learn about the College of Education's policy on administrative compensation and budgeted time.

    Categories: Policies, Financial

  • Annual Evaluations

    Find annual assessment forms and more information on faculty and staff performance evaluations.

    Categories: File, Forms, HR

  • Bylaws

    View the College of Education's bylaws, which describe a vision for shared governance through open consultation, communication among stakeholders, and more.

    Categories: Policies

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Find resources for work-life balance and counseling services to enhance employee and family well-being.

    Categories: Faculty Staff

  • Exiting Employment with UGA/COE

    Documents are available for when an employee leaves the College of Education.

    Categories: HR, Forms

  • Faculty Awards

    Outstanding faculty within the College of Education may be considered for a number of university and COE awards. The nomination and selection process for these awards varies.

    Categories: Awards

  • Faculty Consulting

    Use the "notice of intent to complete outside work for pay" form to receive approval for consulting activities on the local, state, national, and international level.

    Categories: Policies, Forms

  • Faculty Hiring Information

    View a list of hiring information for faculty at the College of Education.

    Categories: How To, HR, New Hire Orientation, Policies, Hiring

  • Faculty Research Program

    Find out more about the College of Education's research semester program for faculty members as well as a cover sheet to apply.

    Categories: Research, Professional Development, Policies

  • Faculty Travel Funding

    Find out about sources of funding for international travel.

    Categories: File, Financial, How To, Travel

  • Graduate Faculty Status

    Information about obtaining and renewing graduate faculty status.

    Categories: New Hire Orientation, Policies, Forms

  • Leave Information

    View policies and forms related to sick leave, FMLA, and professional leave.

    Categories: Forms, Policies, File, Time Off

  • Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse (PDF download)

    All UGA faculty, staff, and students are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse/neglect. Find out how to report such instances.

    Categories: Policies, File, Reference

  • Post Tenure Review

    View post tenure review procedures and checklists.

    Categories: Policies

  • Professional Development

    View a list of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff including the TAP program and various fellows programs.

    Categories: Policies, Forms, File, Research

  • Promotion and Tenure

    View a list of helpful documents, guidelines, and information on promotion and tenure for faculty.

    Categories: Policies, File, How To, HR

  • Staff Hiring Information

    View a list of hiring information for staff at the College of Education.

    Categories: How To, HR, New Hire Orientation, Policies, Hiring

  • Third Year Review of Faculty

    View information about faculty third-year review.

    Categories: Policies

  • Workload Calculation

    Find out what EFT is and how it is calculated.

    Categories: How To, HR, Financial, Reference, Policies

  • Workplace Concerns

    Find out how to handle workplace concerns, including discrimination, harassment, violence, and EOO complaints.

    Categories: HR, New Hire Orientation, Policies, Reference