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  • Accessing COE Shared Drives

    Learn how to access the College of Education's network drives from on and off campus.

    Categories: Tech Support, How To

  • Acronym Disambiguation

    View a list of some of the most common acronyms you'll encounter as a new employee at the College of Education.

    Categories: New Hire Orientation, HR

  • Aderhold Distinguished Professor Award

    The Aderhold Distinguished Professor Award recognizes faculty members for excellence in research, teaching, and outreach/service.

    Categories: Awards, How To, Research

  • Administrative Compensation and Budgeted Time

    Learn about the College of Education's policy on administrative compensation and budgeted time.

    Categories: policies, financial

  • Annual Evaluations

    Find annual assessment forms and more information on faculty and staff performance evaluations.

    Categories: file, Forms, HR

  • Annual Reporting Measures


  • Archive Label and Inventory Sheet (XLS download)

    Download inventory sheets with archive box labels.

    Categories: policies

  • Archived Innovation 20/20

    View videos in the "Archived Innovation 20/20" series created by the Office of Information Technology.

    Categories: Research

  • Arthur M. Horne Faculty Award for Community Engagement and Research

    The Arthur M. Horne Faculty Award for Community Engagement and Research recognizes outstanding work by a faculty member whose research and service activities promote positive schooling experiences for preK-12 students in public schools.

    Categories: Awards, How To, Research

  • Back-to-School Toolkit

    Find helpful resources for the semester along with policies and procedures to guide your instruction.

    Categories: Curriculum, Students, How To, policies

  • Bulk Order Recommendations

    View a list of recommendations for bulk orders.

    Categories: Tech Support, Reference, financial

  • Carl Glickman Faculty Fellow Award

    The Glickman Faculty Fellow Award recognizes distinguished accomplishments and potential for future contributions of faculty in fulfilling the mission of the University through teaching, research, and service.

    Categories: Research, financial, How To, Awards

  • CHDS Student Handbooks

    An archive of past student handbooks from the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services.

    Categories: file, How To, policies, Reference

  • CHDS: Meet Our Students (PDF download)

    Meet our graduate students in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services' Student Affairs Leadership program.

    Categories: file

  • COEfyi New Courses Submissions

    Share a new course with College of Education faculty and graduate students. Submissions are sent via email on Fridays.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • COEfyi Posting Guidelines

    Posting and editorial guidelines for COEfyi.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • COEfyi Submissions

    Share your professional or College-related news or announcements with faculty and staff. Submissions are sent via email every Wednesday and Friday.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • College of Education Bylaws

    The College's bylaws describe a vision for shared governance through open consultation, communication among stakeholders, and more.

    Categories: policies

  • Communications Projects

    Use this form to create new communication materials, or update an existing project.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • Compensatory Time

    View the College of Education's policy for compensatory time and implementation.

    Categories: Forms, policies, Leave, time-off, Comp Time

  • Course Evaluations

    Setup your course evaluations and review data from previous terms.

    Categories: Curriculum, Tech Support

  • Create a New Giving Fund

    Please fill this form out if you are requesting to open a new account for fundraising purposes.

    Categories: Forms, financial

  • CSSE Forms for Students and Faculty

    View a list of CSSE forms for students and faculty.

    Categories: Forms, file, policies

  • Curriculum Committee

    View meeting dates for the Curriculum Committee, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate that makes recommendations to the dean on graduate and undergraduate curricular matters.

    Categories: Curriculum, policies

  • Donald O. Schneider Mentoring Award

    The Donald O. Schneider Award for Mentoring recognizes excellence in mentoring of University of Georgia students.

    Categories: Awards, How To

  • Download a Template

    Download College of Education-branded templates for research posters and research study fliers.

    Categories: Communications, Faculty & Staff, Template

  • Educator Prep Resources

    Resources for faculty, staff, and students related to certifications and assessments like edTPA, GACE, and Ethics.

    Categories: Curriculum, Students

  • eLC Support

    Attend the Office of Information Technology's introductory and drop-in workshops on elC design, functionality, and teaching.

    Categories: Tech Support, professional-development

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Find resources for work-life balance and counseling services to enhance employee and family well-being.

    Categories: Faculty & Staff

  • Employee Inventory List (XLSX download)

    An inventory list should be maintained for each employee or communal space that has inventory. This should be reviewed and signed at least once per year.

    Categories: Faculty & Staff, New Hire Orientation, Forms, Template

  • Equipment Checkout

    Find out how to check out computer equipment, cameras, audio equipment, and other classroom technologies from the Office of Information Technology.

    Categories: How To, Tech Support

  • Equipment Inventory Protocols

    Policy guiding equipment inventory process at the UGA level and within units.

    Categories: Faculty & Staff, New Hire Orientation, policies

  • Event Planning

    Categories: Events

  • Events Calendar Submissions

    Use our event submission form to post an upcoming event related to the College.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • Example Signatory Letter (DOC download)

    Download the College of Education's example signatory letter if delegation can not be done in the system.

    Categories: file, Forms, policies

  • Exiting Employment with UGA/COE

    Documents are available for when an employee leaves the College of Education.

    Categories: HR, Forms

  • Extended Campus Research Support (PDF download)

    Read more about research support for departments offering programs at UGA's extended campuses.

    Categories: policies, Research

  • Faculty Awards

    Outstanding faculty within the College of Education may be considered for a number of university and COE awards. The nomination and selection process for these awards varies.

    Categories: Awards

  • Faculty Consulting

    Use the "notice of intent to complete outside work for pay" form to receive approval for consulting activities on the local, state, national, and international level.

    Categories: policies, Forms

  • Faculty Hiring Information

    View a list of hiring information for faculty at the College of Education.

    Categories: How To, HR, New Hire Orientation, policies, Hiring

  • Faculty Search Expense Procedures

    View the College of Education's search expenses checklist.

    Categories: financial, policies

  • Faculty Senate D. Keith Osborn Award For Teaching Excellence

    The Faculty Senate D. Keith Osborn Award recognizes teaching excellence. There are two award categories: assistant level and associate level.

    Categories: Awards, How To, Research

  • Funding for International Travel (Faculty)

    Find out about sources of funding for international travel.

    Categories: file, financial, How To, Travel

  • GaPSC Substantive Changes

    What does and does not qualify as a Substantive Change?

    Categories: policies

  • Georgia Funder Webpages

    Prior to applying for this service, please note you need to have a College of Education UGA Foundation fund in place.

    Categories: Forms, financial

  • Get involved in the PDSD


  • Graduate Assistant Salary Schedule (PDF download)

    View the College of Education's monthly graduate assistant pay rates.

    Categories: file, policies, financial

  • Graduate Faculty Status

    Information about obtaining and renewing graduate faculty status.

    Categories: New Hire Orientation, policies, Forms

  • Graduation Clearance

    Categories: Students, How To

  • Grant Funding Opportunities

    Find COE, UGA, and external research funding opportunities.

    Categories: financial, Research

  • Grant Proposals and Contracts

    Before you begin proposal preparation, here are some things you need to know.

    Categories: Research, file, financial, How To

  • ICR-DSS Carryforward Request (XLS download)

    Download the College of Education's form for requested disposition of carry forward funds for the coming fiscal year.

    Categories: Forms, financial, file, Travel

  • Indirect Cost Recovery

    View the College of Education's policy on indirect cost recoveries.

    Categories: policies, file, financial

  • Instructional Resources

    Access frequently used university and college policies and procedures which guide instruction.

    Categories: Reference, policies

  • International Program Design and Logistical Support

    View a list of StudyAway programs offered by the College of Education.

    Categories: Travel, Curriculum

  • Ira E. Aaron Award for Teaching Excellence and Collegiality

    The Ira E. Aaron Award for Teaching Excellence and Collegiality recognizes outstanding teaching by a faculty member who sets an example for collegiality.

    Categories: financial, How To, Awards

  • Jenny Penney Oliver Faculty Diversity Award

    The purpose of the Jenny Penney Oliver Faculty Diversity Award is to recognize faculty members whose research, teaching and/or service promotes a more diverse local, university, and/or global community.

    Categories: Awards, How To, financial, Research

  • Kinesiology Forms for Students and Faculty

    View a list of kinesiology forms for students and faculty, including instruction packets and proposal and approval forms.

    Categories: Forms, file, policies

  • Leadership Council Operating Procedures

    Read the College of Education's leadership council operating procedures on composition, purpose, meetings, and more.

    Categories: policies

  • Leave Information

    View policies and forms related to sick leave, FMLA, and professional leave.

    Categories: Forms, policies, file, time-off

  • Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

    All UGA faculty, staff, and students are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse/neglect. Find out how to report such instances.

    Categories: policies, file, Reference

  • Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse – Additional Guidance for Program Directors (PDF download)

    Additional Guidance for College of Education Program Directors on the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

    Categories: policies, file, Reference

  • Mileage Tool (XLS download)

    Download the College of Education's mileage tool with travel details and justifications.

    Categories: financial, Forms, file, policies

  • Minimum Enrollment (PDF download)

    Read the College of Education's policy on minimum enrollment for both undergraduate and graduate classes.

    Categories: file, policies, Curriculum

  • News and Social Media

    Send us photos and news to share via social media. We maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College.

    Categories: Forms, Communications

  • Nominate an Amazing Student

    To provide some special recognition to high-achieving College of Education students, the College posts an Amazing Student profile monthly on the student services page.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • Ocie T. Dekle Excellence in Teaching Award

    The Ocie T. Dekle Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes faculty members for outstanding teaching and is named in honor of Dr. Dekle, who served as a faculty member from 1951-1983.

    Categories: Awards, How To, financial

  • Off-Campus Alumni Receptions

    To be held at a national or regional conference, for alumni in attendance.

    Categories: Events, Forms

  • Office of School Engagement Resources

    View a list of campus routes provided by the Office of School Engagement.

    Categories: file, Reference

  • Petty Cash Withdrawal (XLS download)

    Download the College of Education's temporary withdrawal from petty cash fund form.

    Categories: file, Forms, policies, financial

  • Physical Education Requirement FAQ

    The Department of Kinesiology teaches all classes that satisfy the UGA physical education requirement. Find answers to several commonly asked questions.

    Categories: Students, How To

  • Position Reclassification Process

    Read about the College's position reclassification process, which is intended to ensure that a position title reflects the assigned responsibilities of a staff position within a department.

    Categories: Faculty & Staff, policies, HR

  • Post Tenure Review

    View post tenure review procedures and checklists.

    Categories: policies

  • Professional Development

    View a list of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff including the TAP program and various fellows programs.

    Categories: policies, Forms, file, Research

  • Professional Portraits

    Schedule a professional photo shoot with UGA Photography or update your directory profile with a new photo or CV. Please note that the College of Education does not have professional photographers on staff.

    Categories: Communications, Forms, Website, How To

  • Program Development Services


  • Promotion and Tenure

    View a list of helpful documents, guidelines, and information on promotion and tenure for faculty.

    Categories: policies, file, How To, HR

  • Qualtrics Support

    Qualtrics is a free survey tool available to all UGA faculty, staff, and students. For questions, issues, or support needs, or to request access, [contact Shayla Lee](/directory/people/queet).

    Categories: Tech Support

  • Reappointment or Replacement of Department Heads

    Read the College of Education's guidelines on reappointing, replacing, or removing Department Heads.

    Categories: policies

  • Request ambassadors to help with an event

    Request help from the College of Education student ambassadors for an event or program in your department or unit.

    Categories: Forms, Events, Outreach, Students

  • Request Email or Print Invitations

    We are happy to convey invitations to alumni from your program or department.

    Categories: Events, Forms

  • Request Event Funding

    Department head approval and 6-8 weeks of lead-time is required; requests are subject to time and resources availability.

    Categories: Events, Forms, financial

  • Requisition Template (XLS download)

    Download the University of Georgia's requisition for external purchases form.

    Categories: Forms, policies

  • Research Semester

    Find out more about the College of Education's research semester program for faculty members as well as a cover sheet to apply.

    Categories: Research, professional-development, policies

  • Russell H. Yeany, Jr., Research Award

    The Russell H. Yeany, Jr., Research Award recognizes a faculty member's outstanding cumulative research.

    Categories: Awards, financial, Research, policies

  • Shared Decision Making (PDF download)

    Find out how the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, the COE Leadership Council, and the dean set agendas for the College.

    Categories: policies

  • Space Assignments

    Read the College of Education's policies and procedures regarding the assignment of space, including office space, instructional space, research space, and more.

    Categories: file, policies

  • SRG Bylaws (PDF download)

    Read the bylaws and preamble of the College of Education's Staff Representative Group.

    Categories: file, policies

  • Staff Hiring Information

    View a list of hiring information for staff at the College of Education.

    Categories: How To, HR, New Hire Orientation, policies, Hiring

  • Staff Professional Development Funding

    Find out how to apply for professional development funds in the College of Education.

    Categories: financial, How To, policies, professional-development

  • State, Federal, and National Assessments and Accreditations

    Visit links from the Office of Academic Program's for more information on certification, assessments, and accreditation.

    Categories: Reference, policies

  • Strategic Plan (PDF download)

    View the vision, mission, and goals for the College of Education's Strategic Plan.

    Categories: file, policies, New Hire Orientation

  • Submit a TV Screen Announcement

    Promote your event or announcement on the College's digital screens.

    Categories: Communications, Forms, Tech Support, signage

  • Submit a TV Screen Directory Change

    Submit a change for a department or office directory sign.

    Categories: Communications, Forms, Tech Support, signage

  • Submit to COE Connection

    Submit content to the student newsletter, which is delivered weekly to all current students in the College of Education.

    Categories: Forms, Publications, Students

  • Summer Worksheet (XLSX download)

    Download a summer payroll worksheet template.

    Categories: Forms, financial, file, policies

  • Third Year Review of Faculty

    View information about faculty third-year review.

    Categories: policies

  • UGA Policy Portal

    Features a specialized search engine that searches only sites and pages identified as having policies that apply to all University of Georgia students, faculty, and staff.

    Categories: policies

  • UGA Research Resources

    Find information on UGA's Office of Research, sponsored projects administration, and Human Subjects Office.

    Categories: Research

  • Undergraduate Bulletin Changes

    Resources and deadlines for faculty to request changes to the undergraduate bulletin

    Categories: Curriculum

  • University Program Review and Annual Student Learning Outcomes

    Programs are required to report Student Learning Outcomes in Xitracs annually by October 1.

    Categories: Curriculum, Students

  • Update Office Door Signs

    Create or update a PDF for a physical 8.5x11-inch paper sign that hangs outside an office.

    Categories: Template, Reference, file, signage, Communications

  • Visual Identity: Logos and Templates

    Download the College's primary, department, and unit logos. You may also download an email signature logo as well as templates for PowerPoint presentations, research posters, and Microsoft Word letterhead.

    Categories: Communications, file, policies

  • Web Style Guidelines

    Read our web style best practices to ensure your webpage offers the best user experience.

    Categories: Communications, How To, policies, Website

  • Webpage Fix/Update

    Request a content edit/update for the COE website.

    Categories: Communications, Forms

  • Website Service-Level Agreement

    Read the web team's service-level agreement to gauge turnaround times for changes and updates to the College of Education's website.

    Categories: How To, policies, Website

  • Who Does What in the Dean's Office (PDF download)

    Find out who does what in the College of Education's Dean's Office.

    Categories: file, New Hire Orientation, Reference

  • Wireless Communication Device (WCD) Approval Form (XLS download)

    Download the College of Education's wireless communication devices (WCD) approval form.

    Categories: file, Forms, policies, Website, Communications

  • Workload Calculation

    Find out what EFT is and how it is calculated.

    Categories: How To, HR, financial, Reference, policies

  • Workplace Concerns

    Find out how to handle workplace concerns, including discrimination, harassment, violence, and EOO complaints.

    Categories: HR, New Hire Orientation, policies, Reference