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All applicants must complete the entire Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education (CSSE) application package in one sitting. You cannot save your work and finish later. So before you begin, please make sure you have ALL of the following information readily available:

  • Contact information
  • Expected semester of admission (individuals applying to the master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders are restricted to fall admission only)
  • Whether you are interested in a departmental assistantship (If yes, you will need to provide any skills or experiences that set you apart from other applicants)
  • Degree to which you are applying
  • Statement of purpose that corresponds to the program of study that you select for your application. The statement of purpose should not exceed two typed pages (single-spaced). Please use Times or Times New Roman 12-point font.
    • For Communication Sciences and Disorders:
      Speech-language pathology is a science-based clinical service profession. Please explain what this means to you and how you can contribute to this profession.
    • For Special Education:
      Articulate your goals and philosophies as an educator or future educator.
  • Resume/CV
  • List of all colleges and universities attended (institution name; date attended; major; degree; GPA)

Special Education Master's Degree Applicants ONLY:

  • Primary area(s) of interest (High-Incidence Disabilities; Low-Incidence Disabilities)
  • Primary Age Levels of Interest (Birth-5; Elementary School; Middle School; High School)
  • Whether you are interested in becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Communication Sciences and Disorders Applicants ONLY:

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CMSD) and are applying for the MA, MEd, or MA/PhD program in CMSD, please use the course list form (below) to list all courses that you have taken or will take in the area of Communication Sciences and Disorders (Course Prefix/Number; Course Name/Title; Date Completed/Expected to Complete; Course Letter Grade Received). All courses must match your official transcript(s). After you have completed the form, save it to your computer and use the button on the application to upload the completed form.

Download the course list form, available in PDF format.

For all applicants to the MA, MEd or MA/PhD in Speech-Language Pathology, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) requires all applicants for the Certificate of Clinical Competence to have college-level "transcript credit" in the four areas of statistics, biological science, physical science, and social/behavioral science. This credit may be from course work, advanced placement units, CLEP units, or a university-approved examination of equivalency. For each of the four content areas (statistics, biological science, chemistry/physics and social/behavioral science), list one entry from your college transcript(s) that you believe would clearly meet this requirement. Additionally, list up to two additional courses for each area that you believe might meet this requirement. If you have taken more than two additional courses in any area, select any two to list on the application.

The UGA CMSD program also requires graduate students to complete a Survey of Special Education course. You will be required to list the course(s) that you believe satisfies this requirement. If you are not sure whether your experience will satisfy the requirement for an area, you can list and describe whatever experiences you do have.

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