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Introductory Workshops

OIT offers several introductory workshops at the start of fall and spring semesters. In these workshops you will learn how to customize your system preferences, view a course from the student perspective, create a content structure and add content to your course.

Drop-In Workshops

OIT holds drop-in workshops weekly to assist faculty with individual issues related to elC design functionality and teaching. Staff will be on hand to answer questions and resolve issues that occur during the semester. Registration not required. Schedules are posted each semester on COE FYI and on the COE Kiosk system.

Drop-In Workshops are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Every Wednesday
    1:30 – 3:30 PM in room 232

Problem Resolution

If you have a specific question regarding eLC, call 706-542-HELP or email COE eLC support

Group Consultation

We can provide customized eLC training groups. Please call 706-542-HELP or email COE eLC support

eLC Tutorials

Other Resources