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To support faculty members in their lifelong development as scholars, the College of Education provides an opportunity for faculty members to engage in pursuits that enhance their scholarship, revitalize their creative energy, and inform them of new and innovative knowledge and practices with the ultimate goal of developing and maintaining their scholarship through a research semester.

To support this development, a faculty member may request one semester for intensive research in which s/he is released from instruction (up to 2 courses) and committee assignments. The College and Department will each contribute $4,000 to replace the instruction to avoid the loss of credit hour production, and the Department Head will coordinate the coverage of other duties. (Canceling a course is not an acceptable means of supplying the department's share of this commitment. The actual course the faculty member was to teach may, in fact, need to be canceled, but it should be replaced with a course that will generate at least the same credit hour production, even if the course is in a different program area.)

Download a Faculty Research Program Cover Sheet (PDF download)


  • A tenured faculty member who has been employed by the University of Georgia College of Education for at least 5 years is eligible to apply.
  • Administrators (department heads, associate deans) are not eligible.
  • An individual may receive only one research semester every 5 years.



A faculty member who is relieved of classroom teaching duties and committee assignments and granted a research semester under this policy will not, during that period, be paid by another institution. Service on a limited basis at another institution might occur, however, where the faculty member is engaged in special research or affiliated with a special project at another institution. A faculty member who receives the research semester must continue to advise doctoral students during this time period. The faculty member may not earn extra compensation (in the form of salary or a draw account) during the research semester (i.e., First-year Odyssey, outreach workshops, Peabody Awards judging).

Prior to Departure

The faculty member will be responsible for facilitating a smooth transition for the continuance of his/her courses and disposition of advisees during the research semester. This may include the sharing of syllabi, reading lists, lectures, and other materials necessary to teach the courses and records related to student advisement and committee responsibilities, as appropriate.


After completion of the research semester, the faculty member must submit a written report to Office of Faculty and Staff Services describing what was accomplished. This 2- page report is due no later than one month after the start of the next academic semester following the research semester.

Application Process

Application Deadline

Proposals for a fall research semester must be submitted by February 1, and proposals for a spring research semester must be submitted by July 1. All proposals from a department must be rank ordered and submitted by the department head to Terrie Franklin.

Proposal Requirements

The proposal components must be written in 12-point font with 1- inch margins. A complete proposal consists of the following elements:

  • Cover Sheet: The first page of each proposal must be the program cover sheet signed by the proposer and department head.
  • Proposal (limit of 3 single-spaced pages): The prospectus explains the project in terms that an educated reader from outside your field can understand and must include:
    • Purpose and significance: Describe the nature and significance of the research, including a clear, concise statement of the objectives of the research and your aims in undertaking it.
    • Work to be accomplished: Describe specifically what you plan to do during the research semester and where you will do the work. Identify persons, if any, with whom you will work.
    • Projected outcomes: What tangible results will your research semester have, what form will they take, and how and where will you share your results with others? Expected outcomes include publications or creative works submitted to high-impact, peer-reviewed venues and/or proposals for extramural funding.
  • Justification (limit of 2 single-spaced pages): How does the research semester fit into the arc of your career? How does it build on or take a new direction from your prior work, and what are the projected near-term and long-term benefits to your career? Why does this work require time away from the normal activities of teaching and service?
  • Other Sources of Funding (Limit of 1 single-spaced page): The faculty member must detail any additional funding from other sources as a part of the research semester activities. This includes the use of grant funds awarded to UGA as well as funds received from other institutions or organizations during the period of the research semester.
  • Curriculum Vita: The proposal should include a list of your professional publications, creative and/or professional works, and any other information relevant to appraising the proposed research objective(s).
  • Statement from the Department Head: The department head must provide a written statement about how the faculty member's instructional and service responsibilities will be met. A chart showing each course, committee, or other responsibility, identifying which courses will be covered with department funds and college funds and identifying faculty members who will cover other responsibilities is recommended. When more than one faculty member is applying for a research semester, describe the total impact on the department and its instructional needs, and rank order applications if more than one is submitted.
  • University Leave Paperwork: If the research work is to be done at another location, the request falls under the University's Educational Leave Policy. In this case, applicants should submit Form A and Form B with the COE paperwork. If the faculty member is selected for the COE research semester, the relevant paperwork will be forwarded to Faculty Affairs by the Office of Faculty and Staff Services.

Criteria For Selection

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

Scholarly or creative activities proposed

  • Value of project, including its originality and potential contribution
  • Potential for disseminating and/or applying anticipated achievements through publications
  • Potential for garnering extramural funding to advance the work in the future
  • Adequacy and feasibility of the project in relation to the length of the research semester
  • Project's potential for contributing to the faculty member's development
  • Likelihood the project will contribute to the quality of the research and instructional program in the faculty member's discipline and/or to the implementation of the College and University's strategic plans

Prior scholarly or creative productivity of the applicant

  • Quality of academic products in relation to the field and years of academic service
  • Quantity of academic products in relation to the field and years of academic service
  • Consistency of academic products in relation to years of academic service

Clarity and completeness of the proposal

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