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Graduate students from the College of Education's Department of Kinesiology teach all classes that satisfy UGA's physical education requirement. We understand that while classes are posted in the UGA Bulletin, often students have additional questions or require more information. We have created this page to help.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

General Questions

I have a gym membership/take part in intramural sports/have a certification. Does this satisfy the PE requirement?
No. UGA's physical education requirement can only be satisfied by completing and passing a basic PE (PEDB) course at UGA, or by transferring an approved physical education course.
I've taken a PE course at another institution. How do I know if it's approved?
Complete a Transfer Request Form and provide a syllabus of the transfer PE course to the Basic PE program coordinator Ilse Mason (345 Ramsey Center). The course description, content and assignments will be evaluated and reviewed. We will inform you of approval or denial.
What should I do if I have a disability, medical condition or long-term injury that prevents me from participating in a PEDB course?
The Department of Kinesiology is committed to fulfilling the physical education needs of all students. An adapted physical education program operates as a normal extension of the Basic Physical Education Program for students who, because of temporary or permanent disability or medical conditions, cannot participate in the mainstream Basic Physical Education Program. Contact us(345 Ramsey Center) for approval for an adapted PE course (PEDB 1010) based on referral by the Disability Resource Center or documentation related to your physical disability, medical condition or injury. Students given permission to sign up for PEDB 1010 will be referred to the instructor to schedule an appointment to discuss the specific options available.

Tip: Avoid additional stress by not waiting until your final semester to take PE!


Explore class options on UGA Bulletin.

Download a PDF of this information.

Course-Specific Questions

Why do the PEDB courses consist of conceptual content (readings and quizzes)?
The philosophy of the Basic Physical Education Program at the University of Georgia is to promote lifelong physical activity and fitness for the enhancement of health and well-being. Increases in regular physical activity and fitness are influenced by people's confidence in the ability to engage in regular exercise and positive beliefs concerning the benefits of physical activity and fitness. Motivation to increase physical activity and fitness can be enhanced by incorporating fitness knowledge about fitness and behavior-modification principles into activity classes. Adopting positive health behaviors has the potential to significantly improve the lifelong health benefits for all UGA graduates.
Do you have courses that are off-campus/online?

There are off-campus PEDB courses available through study abroad programs and the Honors Interdisciplinary Field Program.

An online PEDB course is offered during the fall, spring and summer thru session (PEDB 1950E) BUT enrollment is restricted and registration takes place on a first-come, first-serve basis. Permission is given to students who, during that semester:

  • Are in a study abroad program (verified by study abroad director)
  • Are in Washington semester program (verified by program director)
  • Are not enrolled in on-campus courses during that semester and who:
    • Are enrolled at UGA for an internship (verified by advisor)
    • Have satisfied all other graduation requirements the semester before or during this semester (verified by advisor)
    • Are enrolled in a completely online undergraduate program during this semester (verified by advisor)
  • Are students on UGA campus outside of Athens (e.g. Griffin)
  • Are non-traditional students (i.e. enrolled in TAP program - verified by TAP office)
  • Are graduate students
  • Are students at other institutions

A student who meets any of these categories should provide verification and 81# to Ilse Mason, 345 Ramsey Center.

PEDB 1950E Online Walking

Be sure to read the important information about qualifications for an online PEDB course before you register.

Note: There is a cost associated with the PEDB 1950E course (approximately $200) because you will be required to have a specific heart rate monitor and—although flexible—there will be a significant time commitment.