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There are two ways to change your portrait that appears on the COE directory:

1. Schedule a photo shoot

For full-time faculty and staff only.

The Communications Office will pay for your studio portrait session at the UGA Hotel and Conference Center for a limited time and by appointment only.

Studio portrait appointments are scheduled on Mondays from 8:30–10 a.m. and Thursdays from 1–2 p.m., based on availability. Photographic Services asks that you plan your appointment at least two weeks in advance and allow three business days for confirmation of your request.

To schedule an appointment, you must submit a photo assignment request to UGA Photographic Services. Most of the information has been auto-filled and you can skip it. You only need to fill in the following:

  1. Contact Information (yours)
  2. Date of Assignment (note studio portrait times)
  3. Assignment Subject (your name)
  4. Click Submit at the bottom

You will see contact information on the form for the recipient of the photo. Please do not change this information, as OCA needs to keep track of how many people are having their portrait taken.

Schedule Photo Shoot

2. Submit a photo you already have

The web team will continue to accept portraits for posting on the directory. Please review the portrait standards and use the submission form when you're ready. All submitted portraits are subject to approval by the dean's web review committee before they will be posted.

Some common reasons photos are not approved:

  1. Too small
    A portrait needs to be high resolution and at least 600 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall. (Bigger is better.) Do not attempt to resize or crop yourself – the web team will process your image as needed.
  2. Bad lighting
    Your face should be clearly visible with no shadows or obstructions.
  3. Too casual
    If you've cropped out someone, or are using a candid picture, it is usually not going to be approved.
  4. Black and white
    Portraits should be in full color.
  5. Busy backgrounds
    A portrait looks great when the background isn't distracting, which is why professional portraits usually have a blurred background whether it's indoors or outdoors.

Submit Professional Portrait