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Our Mission

American land-grant universities were formed in 1862 by compact with the public and state governments that support them. This compact ensured that Outreach would be embedded as the third part of the triadic university mission. Given that UGA is Georgia's land-grant university, the College of Education is focused on maintaining a vibrant and coherent outreach effort. An important part of this mission is to provide professional development conferences, workshops and events for college faculty, graduate students, school system leaders and administrators, teachers and personnel throughout the state, nation, and world.

Our Staff

  • Melanie Baer, Program Coordinator,, 706-542-4556
  • Beth Massey, Program Coordinator,, 706-542-8799
  • Julie Davis, Associate Business Manager,, 706-542-2193

Outreach Support Services

Program Development

  • Work with faculty and clients (e.g., school system) to develop programs to meet the client's needs.
  • Work with clients to develop a marketing strategy to fit the intended audience.
  • Secure event facility space, including AV arrangements and hotel needs.
  • Work with caterers to plan meal menus and breaks.
  • Address logistical needs, including parking, handouts, nametags and on-site event facilitation as needed.

Financial Services

  • Work with clients to develop overall budget, including registration fee structure and expected surplus.
  • Manage a web-based third party pay system to support online registration.
  • Process invoicing from registration purchase orders submitted for workshops and conferences.
  • Manage an Extended Education (EE) account devoted to professional learning activities.
  • Handle all financial recordkeeping and processes associated with events.
  • Work directly with presenters to complete reimbursement forms and expedite payment following specified UGA Policies and Procedures.

Marketing and Communication

  • Work with clients to develop marketing plan.
  • Work with theCommunicationsOfficetodesign printed materials.
  • Publicize all applicable events in COEfyi, on the COE events calendar and UGA Master calendar.
  • Develop and maintain email distribution lists for target audiences.
  • Design and send e-blasts to promote events.
  • Utilize social media as appropriate to publicize events.
  • Create and maintain event-specific website as needed.

Continuing Education Credits

  • Work with the Georgia Center to award CEU credits when requested.
  • Provide certificates of earned contact hours as requested.

Revenue Policies and Procedures

Cost for Office Services

Budget development will include an overhead cost for services provided by the Office to be calculated based on a percentage of the gross revenue. The following are guidelines for overhead cost:

  • 10% of gross revenue if the event and registration is held through the Georgia Center with a Daily Meeting Package included in the cost.
  • 15% of gross revenue if the event or registration is not held at the Georgia Center.

Revenue Distribution (two options)

  1. Net surplus for programs and events, after all direct expenses (e.g., faculty salary, facility, materials, food, Office overhead) will be distributed as follows:
    • Sponsoring Unit(s), such as a department, institute, center (80%). The Sponsoring Unit(s) share of net revenue (80%) will be distributed as follows:
    • 60% goes to the faculty member
    • 40% remains with the Sponsoring Unit(s)
    • Office of Outreach and Engagement (20%)
  2. Events that happen yearly (or regularly) may retain remaining income as a line item in the EE Account to be used to supplement the next event.

Compensation to UGA Faculty for Presenter Fee (two options)

  1. EE draw accounts: A faculty member's presenter fee can be maintained in a dedicated EE draw account to be used on any allowable state expenditures.
  2. Extracompensation:
    • This form of compensation will only be for the presenter fee and payment will be included in the paycheck the month following receipt of all funds.
    • Extra compensation paperwork must be submitted 8-12 weeks in advance of the event and is not complete until we receive Provost approval.
    • Extra compensation is based on the faculty member's UGA daily rate and the number of hours for preparation and presentation.
    • Withholdings include 38.65% for taxes and social security and 7.65% for the UGA portion of FICA. The net cash payment is estimated to be approximately 53.7% of gross presenter fee.

Compensation to Non-UGA Faculty for Presenter Fee

  • Payment for presenter fees and reimbursable expenses will be made to non-UGA faculty in accordance with UGA policies and procedures.
  • An Honoraria form with an original signature is required for all payments.
  • Completion of an Expense Reimbursement Form including necessary receipts is required.
  • Payment is made after the event upon receipt of required forms and signatures.

Requesting Funds in the EE Account

An EE draw account has been established to manage faculty compensation and excess revenues and excess revenue for sponsoring unit(s). Funds in this account can be rolled over to the next fiscal year. Use of funds must be consistent with spending rules for state funds. The account is maintained by the Office of Outreach and Engagement and all requests for using these funds will come to one of the staff members in the Office.

Faculty members may use funds in the EE draw account to purchase their time in Summer or during the Academic Year if three conditions are met: 1) Department Head approves the request, 2) Sufficient funds are in the faculty member's draw account, and 3) The request includes a description of the research, service, or instructional project (using form provided) that would be reportable for annual evaluation purposes via Elements.

Academic Year

  • Faculty members may buy out one class per academic year with EE account funds.
  • The course buy-out rate is 12.5% of the faculty member's annual salary plus an additional amount (approximately 30%) for benefits.
  • Deadlines for course buy-out request are April 1 (Fall course) and September 1 (Spring course).

Summer Terms

Research or service time can be bought for up to 11.1% for each summer term plus an additional 19.1% of the summer salary for benefits (current rate, subject to change). Departments must supply a copy of the faculty member's summer worksheet to the Office of Outreach and Engagement.