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Staff interested in career opportunities should begin a conversation with their immediate supervisor and explore opportunities through Training and Development at UGA Human Resources. If an appropriate class is not offered, the employee should continue working with their supervisor to create a development plan.

Staff interested in continuing their education at the University of Georgia can do so through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

The Staff Representative Group (SRG) sponsors activities which provide professional development opportunities for staff. The UGA Staff Council provides a sounding board for staff to communicate to Administration.

COE Staff Development Funding Process

The College of Education is allocating funds to provide support for staff* to attend various staff professional development opportunities. We will have a limited amount of funding so the awards will be handled on a first come basis. The maximum funding request awarded will be $500. When funding requests for staff development exceed $500 we encourage staff to seek matching support from their department/unit when they apply. This amount should be listed on the request by their supervisor. Funding caps and additional restrictions may be added as we see the number of requests we receive. The goal of this process is to provide support to as many COE staff as possible. As Staff Professional Development Opportunities arise they will be added to this website so check back often. If you become aware of a Professional Development Opportunity, please send it to Carolyn McNearney.

To Apply:

  1. Complete the online request for COE Staff Professional Development Funding
  2. Print out form for appropriate approvals and signatures
  3. Submit a copy of the completed form to Carolyn McNearney in Aderhold G3 at least 2 weeks in advance of the professional development activity where possible.

Notification of Award:

All requests will receive a response as to whether funding for the professional development will be allocated and the amount of support within a week of the receipt of the application. The Staff Development review committee is made up entirely of COE staff. A committee review member will be excused from giving a recommendation on funding requests for staff from their department. Funds will be transferred to the staff member's department so the expenses can be processed in the home unit.

Any questions regarding staff development allocations should be sent to Carolyn McNearney at 706-542-1414.

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