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College Logos

As part of the new refreshed logo and visual identity system for the University of Georgia, the College of Education has downloadable logos made especially for departments, offices, outreach units and labs. We also have templates such as PowerPoint presentations, Word letterheads and a logo for an email signature.

Note: More templates will be added as they are created by the Communications Office and UGA's Office of Marketing and Communications. See below for our most current list of logos and templates.

Have a question about a logo? Email Jen Williams.

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Promotional Items/Merchandise and Logos

All merchandise (such as T-shirts, hats, pens, sunglasses, or any other type of promotional material) associated with the College of Education must include an approved UGA logo.

In addition, permission must be obtained prior to using any form of a UGA logo on a printed product. Please email Jen Williams for a logo approval form, which the requestor must submit to the UGA Trademarks office for approval along with a final draft of the artwork before payment can be processed.

The College of Education logo or the official UGA logo must be included on all promotional items purchased with funds that pass through the College or through UGA. Additionally, it is the discretion of the College of Education's Communications Office to determine the appropriateness of an official logo on all promotional items created for classes, events, groups, projects, etc., that are in any way associated with the College of Education. The Communications Office reserves the right to select the appropriate logo. Shirt designs that incorporate artwork other than the College logo must place the logo on either the front left pocket area or on the outside portion of the left sleeve. The logo may not be used in conjunction with a separate image or line art. All designs are subject to approval from UGA Trademarks and the College of Education Communications Office prior to funds being released.

Be sure to use a UGA-approved vendor You must use a UGA-approved vendor to purchase/produce any type of promotional item (this ensures the vendor complies with trademark licensing and other regulations).

Getting Technical

When using the refreshed UGA logo, note that we are restricted in how it is used, how it is combined with other logos, and other design considerations. You may download the UGA-level style guide for specific instructions, but in general:

  • The shield may not be used on its own
  • The colors cannot be altered beyond the options available for download
  • The shield and corresponding type may not be altered beyond the variations available for download (for example, making the shield smaller as compared with the type)
  • Logos are only available for departments, units and labs. We do not provide logos for individual degree programs or grants/grant projects; instead, please use either a college-level logo or a department-level logo

What is a 'Promotional Graphic'?

In some cases, we may create a graphic that includes the logo of an already established program or entity. In most cases, this involves an event or conference that has the need for items such as printed materials or promotional items.

These "promotional graphics" (note: not a true logo) must be created by the Communications Office on an as-needed basis, and with the approval of the UGA Office of Marketing and Communications. They must be used along with an approved UGA logo.

What is an EPS, JPEG, and PNG?

We have provided logos in several different formats. What's the best one to use? It depends on your project.

EPS: Also called a "vector" format, this file can be used at any size and is suitable for high-quality printing. Items such as promotional pieces (T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, etc.), banners and signs, and high-quality printed products (brochures, fliers, books, etc.) are best served with EPS files.

PNG/JPEG: These files are best for digital use, whether it's on a website, in an email, or placed into a Word or PowerPoint document. These files are smaller, making it easier to send or download them.