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The web liaison program was created to assist the web team with the management of the content on the College website. Right now, the College website encompasses over 1,500 individual pages and is steadily growing. This does not include the COE intranet, events calendar, or any downloadable PDF resources. With a staff of only two (recently grown to three), you can see that the web team cannot adequately monitor that content to ensure the information is both accurate and current, which is the main challenge that we face.

To help us meet this challenge, we ask every department and most offices (henceforth referred to only as "departments") to appoint a web liaison. The role of the web liaison is to facilitate communications between the web team and the department with the goal of ensuring the correctness and timeliness of information displayed on the website. The liaisons provide a single point of contact for the web team to disseminate and gather important information to/from the department.

In order for this system to work, department faculty need to know their liaison and every liaison needs to maintain a good working relationship with their department faculty and the web team. The web team needs to maintain an accurate list of the liaisons. If a liaison leaves the College, a new one needs to be appointed as quickly as possible. The department head is responsible for appointing and informing the web team of their appointed web liaison.


  • The main responsibility of the liaison is to ensure that their department's web resources are accurate and up-to-date. They do this by regularly scanning or recruiting subject matter experts to scan all departmental web content and using the web request form to communicate any corrections that are needed. At a minimum, all pages belonging to a department should be checked at the beginning of each semester to maintain the integrity of the content.
  • The liaison acts as the main contact between the web team and their department. If the web team has a question about that department's website, the web team will contact the liaison. If someone in the department has a question about the department's website, they should contact their liaison and the liaison will contact the web team if they cannot assist directly.


Unlike other faculty/staff groups in the College, it is not necessary for you to send anyone as a proxy when you're unable to attend a meeting.

Current Liaisons

Greg Clinton Career and Information Studies
Connie Tucker Communication Sciences and Special Education
Laura Dean Counseling and Human Development Services
Jason Tiller Educational Psychology
Brian Dotts Educational Theory and Practice
Dana Barnhart Kinesiology
Sara Kajder Language and Literacy Education
Holly Ivy Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy
Kevin Moore Mathematics and Science Education
Krista Vanderpool Academic Programs
Lauren Flowers Student Services
TBD Office of Research and Graduate Education
Melanie Baer Outreach and Engagement
Jeff Rieter Information Technology
Nancy Butler Development and Alumni Relations