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The web team handles most routine content updates within 24 hours. However, due to illness or external factors, these turnaround times may be extended without notice. As the complexity of a request increases, so does the required time to turnaround your request.

Examples of requests that will be handled within 3 business days:

  • Existing text changes or corrections
  • Switching out existing photos (without editing the photos)
  • Adding or replacing downloadable documents

Examples of requests that might take up to two weeks:

  • Updating forms
  • Creating tables of data (e.g. event schedules)
  • Changes to navigation menu

Complex updates or projects may require further discussion and may ultimately be postponed until the new website is launched.

Examples of complex requests:

  • Photo galleries
  • Creating new webpages
  • Creating new form(s)
  • Bulk changes to existing website
  • Changes delivered on paper

Use of the web request form is required to request updates to the COE website. If you submit a web request via email, the web team may ask that you resubmit your request using the online form. This new process will improve the web team's ability to track the status of your project and meet your needs in a timely manner.

The online form has been simplified for easy access and repeated use. It allows file attachments such as Word documents so you can consolidate many changes into a single file instead of typing your changes directly into the form. Please note that the web team may convert files to a new format before posting them to the website (for example, Word documents will be converted to PDF). Receiving sketches and/or handwritten paper versions of your changes will delay the turnaround for your changes considerably. Training is available if you need assistance with using the web request form.

Please Note: Your request may be handled without any communication except a confirmation of resolution. This is an efficiency measure as the web team receives dozens of web requests each day. Please review any changes and email the web team if you find any errors or oversights.

If you have additional questions about web support, please contact the web team for guidance.