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About Us

Welcome to the Staff Representative Group (SRG). We invite you to get to know us a little better—our structure, our purpose, and what we may be able to do for you as your staff representatives.

We hope that staff will use this website, re-designed to encourage active involvement of all staff. Whether you would like to share a story for COEfyi, find a representative to take an issue to a meeting, or suggest a special event to help build community amongst COE staff... we'd like to hear from you.

Lunch & Learn Presentations

SRG Lunch & Learn presentations provide a chance for College of Education staff members to gain personal and professional development experiences. Professionals from UGA and the greater Athens community host presentations throughout the year to share their knowledge and expertise to benefit the careers and lives of COE employees. The sessions are informal and open to all COE faculty and staff. They provide a chance for people to casually interact with each other over lunch, and discuss issues that are important to them.


UGA Food Pantry for Students

Food insecurity is a very real problem on our campus, affecting as many as 7,000 students. The COE Staff Representative Group is conducting an ongoing collection of canned food for the UGA Food Pantry. Donations for students can be brought to the Office of Academic Advising Services in Aderhold Hall Room 612.

More information about student hunger and opportunities available to help our students can be found on the Let ALL the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship page.

Staff Representatives and Alternatives

Unit Representative Alternate
Academic Programs, Faculty and Staff, Advancement Carolyn McNearney
Business Office, Research, Outreach & Engagement Tony Hall Grace Thornton
Career & Information Sciences, Lifelong Education, Administration, & Policy Holly Ivy Carol Baum
COE Centers Georganne Gonzalez Desi Sharpe
Communication Sciences & Special Education and Counseling & Human Development TBD
Educational Theory & Practice and Math & Science Education Tiffany Wohlander
Language & Literacy Education and Educational Psychology Jason Tiller Lori de la Reza
Office of Information Technology Heather Bailey
Office of Student Services Callie Cole


Committee Name Members
Staff Retreat
  • Carol Baum
  • Grace Thornton
Lunch & Learn
  • Lori de la Reza
Staff Professional Development
  • Carolyn McNearney
  • Holly Ivy
  • Jason Tiller
  • Tiffany Wohlander
  • Carolyn Burroughs
  • Dana Barnhart
Spring Picnic/Years of Service
  • Georganne Gonzalez
  • Tony Hall
  • Desiree Sharpe
Chili Cook-Off
  • Sarah Hicks
  • Georganne Gonzalez