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Welcome to the College!

If you are new to the College of Education, this page is a good place to start.

First, get to know your profile page

We encourage you to add information to your profile page on our website as soon as possible. The only parts you will not be able to edit yourself are your job title, department affiliations, and headshot.

Need a professional portrait? Please use this form to schedule a photo shoot.

If you have questions about updating your profile, you can send-in a Webpage Fix/Update Request and our Web Team will help you as quickly as possible. You may also create or reset your password.

Second, explore our web-based resources

Our Internal Resources portion of the website is home to information, forms, and self-service items related to the College. Here, you will find human resources policies and other details, travel/reimbursement policies and forms, research and grant information, event planning, and links to submit items to our online calendar and college-wide digital signage and social media.

Visit the Internal Resources page for details.