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Call receives Georgia Partners in Regenerative Medicine grant

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University of Georgia kinesiology researcher Jarrod Call and Georgia Institute of Technology bioengineering researcher Robert Guldberg have received a Georgia Partners in Regenerative Medicine one-year seed grant of $70,000 to study the use of stem cells to improve muscle recovery after injury.

Adult skeletal muscles contain pools of stem cells, referred to as satellite cells, which help muscles recover from injury. Unfortunately, satellite cell function is compromised by conditions such as aging, and this can lead to muscle weakness and a slower recovery after muscle injury.

One potential therapy is to deliver external stem cells to bolster the internal satellite cell population. This project focuses on a proof-of-principle approach to improve muscle recovery after injury by delivery of stem cells derived from the fat tissue just below the skin. These stem cells hold unique potential because of their abundance in the human body.

Funding comes from the Regenerative Engineering and Medicine Center, a partnership between UGA, Emory University and the Georgia Tech that is intended to stimulate new, collaborative research among investigators at the three institutions.

The funding supports projects at earlier stages of development in the "high risk, high yield" category or projects with a high potential for clinical or industry translation. Budgets for these proposals may not exceed $70,000. A total of 8-10 seed grants will be awarded each year.

Call is an assistant professor in the UGA College of Education's Department of Kinesiology and Guldberg is a professor and director of the Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience in Georgia Tech's School of Mechanical Engineering.

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