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Article named one of 2014's most-read pieces

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A recently published article by two UGA College of Education researchers has been named one of the most-read pieces of last year's Routledge Behavioral Sciences Research Methods journals.

The article, "Alternative Measurement Paradigms For Measuring Executive Functions: Sem (Formative and Reflective Models) and Irt (Rasch Models)," discusses alternative paradigms for measurement that support the widely used structural equation models in the social sciences. Professor George Engelhard and graduate student Jue Wang, both quantitative methods researchers from the Department of Educational Psychology, suggest in the article that modern measurement models, such as the Rausch model, show a promising approach for addressing measurement issues related to executive functioning. Executive functioning is a core component of self-control and the ability to self-regulate (also known as "willpower").

The research appeared in the Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives. It was one of 12 articles selected.

Read the full text of the article.

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