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Graff appointed president-elect of Children's Literature Assembly

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The Children's Literature Assembly recently appointed University of Georgia College of Education associate professor Jennifer Graff as president-elect; she will become president for the 2016-2017 term.

Jennifer Graff

An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Children's Literature Assembly provides a forum for teachers of children's literature, promotes children's literature as a field of learning and research, and creates programs for those interested in children's literature. The organization also publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Children's Literature, selects the national Notable Books for Language Arts book award as well as two professional awards, and promotes research through workshops and papers throughout the year.

Graff, who also coordinates the reading endorsement program in the College's Department of Language and Literacy Education, chairs the awards committee for the Georgia Children's Picturebook Award as part of the annual Children's Book Awards. She received the D. Keith Osborn Award for Teaching Excellence in 2014 and has received other awards for research involving students' access to and engagement with culturally diverse literature.

She said the appointment with the Children's Literature Assembly is one more way she can work to bring culturally rich and meaningful stories to children.

"I am excited and honored to be part of a growing community of educators, parents, publishers, artists and other youth advocates who are demanding youth have stories that reflect and honor our culturally and linguistically diverse selves," she said. "The field of children's and young adult literature is flourishing around the world, and I am eager to help ensure children's and young adult literature remain integral members of our communities."

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