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Athletic Training Lab gets a makeover

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Thanks to a generous donation from the family of Dr. J. Harold Harrison, students studying athletic training at the University of Georgia College of Education have a new space where they can work.

The Athletic Training Lab in the UGA Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities got a complete renovation last summer, giving it a new layout, storage closet and an update to the adjacent graduate student offices. The new room includes desk spaces and training tables, plus counter and storage space for tools and equipment students need from week to week. The new layout gives instructors room to bring in new technology and equipment, too.

"We're better able to use technology, and we have a lot more room to bring in equipment," said Cathy Brown Crowell, an associate professor of exercise science in the Department of Kinesiology. "The flow of the classroom is much better."

The lab is open to students whenever there isn't a class going on, giving them a chance to get hands-on experience with different tools, splints, wraps and modalities, such as ultrasounds or electrical stimulation. The new closet is also a treasure trove of learning tools, with bandages and wraps to practice wound care, equipment to test balance and first-aid tools to immobilize soft tissue or an entire body.

The renovation was made possible thanks to a donation to the UGA Athletic Association's athletic training facilities as well as the kinesiology department at the UGA College of Education. Ron Courson, senior associate athletic director for sports medicine, was instrumental in making sure the gift enhanced students' experiences in both locations.

The lab will come in handy this summer, as the kinesiology department hosts its 17th annual Athletic Training Student Workshop. The three-day program introduces high school students to athletic training, or builds on athletic training knowledge for more advanced students. Learn more about the workshop, which is June 15-17.

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