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For kinesiology student, medical school is next on agenda. Sleep? Not so much.

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Not only is Marjorie Butler a starter for the University of Georgia's women's basketball team, but she's balancing her studies with another rigorous process—applying to medical school.

The recent exercise and sport science graduate came back to UGA for one more year in order to finish a second degree in biology, and now is in the process of applying to medical school, reports The Red & Black. A combination of life experiences have drawn Butler to the medical field, and now that she's received her MCAT scores, she can continue to pursue her dream.

"I have a natural love for science and technology," Butler, who graduated from the Department of Kinesiology this past summer, tells The Red & Black. "I think combining that passion (of giving back) with the science is something that led toward medicine because, at its basis, medicine is a field of giving."

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