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Join the gym to feel energized, lose weight

  |   Kristen B. Morales   |   Permalink   |   Media Mention,   Research

A story by kinesiology professor Patrick O'Connor was recently referenced in a U.S. News & World Report article on going to the gym.

The story, "14 reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight loss," explains the various ways people stick to a workout schedule that go beyond the typical goal of losing weight. O'Connor's 2008 study found that people who suffer from chronic fatigue can decrease its effects by 65 percent when they take part in regular, low-intensity exercise.

"Exercise is a way for people to feel more energetic," said O'Connor when the study was published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. "There's a scientific basis for it, and there are advantages to it compared to things like caffeine and energy drinks."

According to the U.S. News story, the No. 1 reason people join a gym is to lose weight. But that's not the best reason to join—rather, it's better to have reasons such as having more energy, a smaller chance of getting sick and a longer life.

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