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Professor weighs in on racial, gender bias in school discipline

  |   Kristen B. Morales   |   Permalink   |   Media Mention

While much of the discussion surrounding disproportionate discipline in schools focuses on African-American boys, recent research shows a bias against African-American girls as well.

Education Week recently took a look at this disparity, and included UGA College of Education associate professor Bettina Love in the commentary. Love joined researchers Adrienne D. Dixson, Shaun R. Harper and Terri N. Watson in the discussion.

Love said she is concerned that teachers often misunderstand the identities of African-American girls, and as a result girls' school experiences are not as rich or meaningful.

"I think the field of black girlhood is really a field that many educators should be thinking about," she said. "And if we can have policies and educational reform—real educational reform, the really gets at the most marginal in our society—then it will permeate out to everyone else."

Love urged us to think about how we're engaging with African-American girls as a way to improve the educational experience for all students.

Watch Love's video and view the full piece on Education Week's website.

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