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Apply for Creativity Awards by Aug. 20

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Time is running out to submit your entry to the 2016 International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards.

Students ages 8-18 may submit their finest creative work to the annual awards, which celebrate the legacy of educator and creativity pioneer Dr. E. Paul Torrance.

The contest opened in January and runs through Aug. 20.

Entries may be an interpretation of any of the following themes: * The Honor and The Glory * A Grateful Heart * What a Mystery! * Couldn't Help Laughing * Journey to Forever * A Reluctant Adventure * Who Would've Thought * Exploring a New Universe

Entries may be submitted as creative writing, music composition, visual arts and inventions.

Creative writing pieces can be in poetry or short story format responding to any of the six themes listed above. Poems do not have a word limit, but stories are limited to 1,2050 words. Music compositions may be submitted on a CD or DVD and can include any combination of instruments or voice. Visual arts entries must be submitted via a photograph of the work, and can include any 2-D or 3-D piece. And if a student has created an invention, sub-categories include "arts and leisure," "science and engineering" or "toys and games"; an entry consists of a 300-500 word description as well as 3-D drawings or photos of the invention.

The University of Georgia College of Education's Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development is a partner in this national contest, which is hosted by Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity/The Center for Gifted at Northern Illinois University.

Visit the website for The Center for Gifted for more information on the awards or to apply.

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