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Professor named co-editor of journal Voices from the Middle

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Sara Kajder, a clinical assistant professor in the department of language and literacy education, was recently named co-editor of the National Council of Teachers of English’s (NCTE) Middle Level Section journal, Voices from the Middle.

During her six-year term, Kajder—who has been a member of NCTE for 20 years—will oversee the journal’s peer review process, write themed calls, determine content for each issue and direct the redesign of the journal’s cover and interior layout. Additionally, she will help build the journal’s digital identity across various social media platforms.

“This has been a re-envisioning year for Voices,” said Kajder. “In addition to a new look, we now have a biweekly podcast and are using tools like FlipGrid and Instagram to connect classrooms, readers, students and the ideas which emerge in print.”

Voices from the Middle is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original content submitted by middle level teachers, students, teacher educators and researchers in response to specific themes that focus on literacy, education, teaching and students. With 24 volumes, Voices from the Middle is one of six print journals published by NCTE.

“NCTE is where I found my voice as a teacher, scholar, writer and leader,” said Kajder. “My service to the organization has grown from serving on local committees and helping to write policy statements for membership to serving on the national Executive Committee. My work with the journal is a next step or extension of that service.”

As the journal’s co-editor, Kajder will rely on her experiences and understandings as an educator to determine what voices teachers need to hear and how best to challenge, innovate and advance the middle grades education field. Kajder recently served as a professor-in-residence for the Professional Development School District, a partnership between Clarke County School District and the College of Education.

Kajder’s research and scholarship is centered on how English teachers and adolescents use digital tools and social media as readers and writers. As such, she hopes to lead the journal’s evolution in merging print and digital content to help share ideas, connect practitioners and feature new research.

Kajder serves as co-editor alongside Shelbie Witte, an associate professor at Oklahoma State University.

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