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Atwater leads colloquium at Barnard College

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A College of Education faculty member will challenge how science teachers approach their teaching at a special colloquium in New York this month.

Mary M. Atwater, a professor in the department of mathematics and science education, will present "Socio-Cultural-Political Factors: What Do These Have to do With Science Teaching and You?" on Feb. 28 at Barnard College in New York City. The event is part of the Barnard Noyce Teacher Scholars Program through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The colloquium, says Atwater, will challenge teachers to reflect on their approach to teaching science, professional science teaching experiences, and success in teaching students whose micro-cultures might be different from their own. Atwater is spending this spring semester at Columbia University's Teachers College, where she has been named the Sachs Distinguished Lecturer in residence. As part of her tenure there, she is conducting research on faculty micro-aggression in higher education in the New York City area.

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