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Professor receives lifetime achievement award from creativity association

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Bonnie Cramond

Bonnie Cramond, a professor of gifted and creative education in the department of educational psychology, was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association (ACA) for her extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to the betterment of society.

The American Creativity Association is a global network of creative professionals in disciplines ranging from business and industry to education and the arts. For more than a decade, ACA has been a primary resource for learning and applying creativity, innovation and problem-solving with different theories, tools and techniques.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual whose life and career are characterized by creative accomplishments that have substantially benefited society. Such accomplishments may be in the form of inventions, discoveries, works or performances of art, a body of research, educational curricula or practices, professional services or service to the community in general.

Cramond—who is interested in the identification and nurturance of creativity, especially among individuals considered at risk because of their different ways of thinking—was awarded the ACA Lifetime Achievement Award in Philadelphia this past November.

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