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Alumna receives Outstanding Research Award from NC State University

Jessica DeCuir-Gunby (MA '00, PhD '03), a professor of educational psychology at North Carolina State University and an alumna of UGA's College of Education, recently received the 2018-2019 Outstanding Research Award from NC State's Alumni Association.

Recipients of the Outstanding Research Award also become members of the university's Research Leadership Academy (RLA), which recognizes research excellence and outstanding research mentoring of NC State faculty.

"Being recognized as an Outstanding Researcher at a research-intensive university is seen as one of the highest honors a faculty member can receive," said DeCuir-Gunby, who received both her graduate degrees in educational psychology from UGA's College of Education. "The award was not only designed to honor faculty for being exemplary researchers, but also outstanding mentors of junior faculty and graduate students."

As one of only four recipients of the award, DeCuir-Gunby will meet regularly with the RLA to discuss a variety of issues related to research and mentoring in the NC State community. Her research on race and racism in education is consistent with the university's diverse research values.

"My research not only examines African-Americans' experiences with racism, I also discuss ways to challenge racism on both the personal and systemic levels," she said. "As an applied methodologist, I write about the research process and teaching others how to use specific methodological approaches. I also publish research in the area of emotions in education, often concerning issues of race."

DeCuir-Gunby recently co-authored a book titled, "Developing a Mixed Methods Proposal: A Practical Guide for Beginning Researchers," which teaches novice researchers, especially doctoral students, how to create mixed methods research proposals. The book is one of the most popular texts in the Mixed Methods Research Series.

As an active researcher of critical race theory, racial identity development and emotions in education, DeCuir-Gunby has published several books, dozens of book chapters and journal articles and has procured grant research funding totaling over $4.3 million.

She was inducted into NC State's Academy of Outstanding Teachers in 2012 and was an inaugural recipient of the university's Faculty Scholar Award in 2013. In 2015, she was recognized by UGA's College of Education with the Outstanding Educator Award for making a significant impact on her students and school.

DeCuir-Gunby received the Alumni Association's Outstanding Research Award during the 2018 Faculty Awards and Mathews Medal Ceremony on April 23.

"I am looking forward to participating in meetings, learning from other RLA members and continuing to mentor junior faculty members and graduate students," said DeCuir-Gunby.

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