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Study underway to evaluate Camp DIVE's impact

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In early 2018, the Office of School Engagement received approval from UGA's Internal Review Board and the Clarke County School District to begin an evaluation of Camp DIVE (Discover, Inquire, Voice and Explore), a summer learning program that has been running since 2016.

Over the coming months, the research team will work to assess Camp DIVE's impact in the following ways:

  • Clarke County student achievement
  • Clarke County student attitudes toward learning, school, and future academic involvement
  • UGA student understandings about learning, teaching, development, and social context
  • The extent to which the program facilitates the implementation of innovative pedagogical practices.

The research team is using a mixed-methods approach that will look at student achievement through various lenses, including a variety of test scores, grades, attendance, and behavior, as well as parent and teacher perceptions of student attitudes and achievement. The research will also include focus groups and surveys to better understand the impact on UGA students, UGA faculty, and Clarke County teachers involved in Camp DIVE.

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