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February 2020

Assistant professor quoted on Trae Young's All-Star nod

February 10, 2020
Young's participation in the All-Star Game provides exposure for the Hawks and an opportunity for ownership to improve the team's quality, said assistant professor Steven Salaga.

Assistant professor receives qualitative research award from AERA

February 13, 2020
Maureen Flint will receive the Qualitative Research SIG's Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association for contributing research that seeks to reduce inequality and injustice in schools and society.

Forging a way to help athletes across the country

February 17, 2020
Nicholas Yanek plans on pursuing a medical career as an orthopedic surgeon to help athletes like himself across the country.

Amazing Student: Phaidra Buchanan

February 17, 2020
Foundation Fellow and future educator Phaidra Buchanan has taken advantage of all the "out-of-this-world opportunities" UGA offers, from study abroad programs to research opportunities.

UGA College of Education named for Mary Frances Early

February 26, 2020
The University of Georgia held a ceremony Tuesday to celebrate the naming of the College of Education in honor of Mary Frances Early, UGA's first African American graduate and a pioneering music educator.

Singh receives Association of Specialists in Group Work Fellows Award

February 28, 2020
Anneliese Singh received the Association of Specialists in Group Work Fellows Award earlier this month for her scholarship, teaching and advocacy in the field of group work.