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Associate professor awarded a 2020 Sarah H. Moss Fellowship

Lauren Leathers

July 24, 2020


Julianne Schmidt, co-director of the UGA Concussion Research Lab and associate professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s department of kinesiology, received a 2020 Sarah H. Moss Fellowship to support her research on concussions.

Since 1987, the fellowship, administered by UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning, provides funds for travel and related expenses for tenure-track faculty pursuing advanced scholarship, research and study in institutions of higher learning. Schmidt’s research will explore head impacts in boxing and develop educational material that encourages athletes and military personnel to seek out medical care for concussions.

“This award allows me to relocate to Colorado Springs for the summer to continue a strong collaboration with my colleague at the United States Air Force Academy,” she said. “I get to immerse myself in concussion research, just as I do here at UGA, but the environment and collaboration allow me to aim this work toward helping military service members.”

Previously, Schmidt received the 2019 Sarah H. Moss Fellowship, 2020 Carl Glickman Faculty Fellow Award and the 2019 Local Achievement Award for Athletic Trainers from the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society.

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