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November 2020

Weight loss shouldn’t be the goal of PE

November 10, 2020
A new study lead by Sami Yli-Piipari, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology, shows kids’ physical fitness is more important than BMI.

Innovative teaching: Senior lecturer makes physical education personal, accessible from home

November 11, 2020
Ilse Mason helped expand the use of Fitbits and other heart rate tracking devices to improve physical education students’ overall well-being both in-person and at home.

Innovative teaching: Clinical assistant professor combines service learning with hybrid teaching in tutoring program

November 12, 2020
When the pandemic hit, David Chiesa developed a hybrid teaching model to tutor young language learners at Bay Creek Elementary School.

Innovative teaching: Associate professor creates a virtual safe space

November 16, 2020
Using a virtual hosting site and avatars, associate professor Jori N. Hall aims to create a safe meeting space.

Word choice matters in weather communications

November 18, 2020
Research by professor Alan Stewart shows certain phrases can make people feel helpless when facing storms.

Innovative teaching: Assistant professor keeps lessons simple

November 19, 2020
Logan Fiorella incorporates examples and visualizations into his lessons and presents information in a conversational style to engage students in creative activities.

Imagining new possibilities

November 19, 2020
Anna Abraham, the E. Paul Torrance Professor of Creativity and Gifted Education, brings nearly two decades of creativity research to the Torrance Center as its new director.

Clinical assistant professor discusses tutoring program, combines service learning with hybrid teaching

November 19, 2020
David Chiesa recently discussed a new tutoring program that brings together undergraduate and graduate students in the College to help children improve aspects of communication.

Professor receives inaugural Karen D. King Excellence in Advocacy Award from AMTE

November 20, 2020
Dorothy Y. White received the inaugural award for her advocacy and contributions to mathematics teacher education.

College of Education's Phaidra Buchanan named 2021 Rhodes Scholar

November 22, 2020
Phaidra Buchanan joined recipients from 64 countries around the world this weekend as she was named a 2021 Rhodes Scholar, bringing the total number of UGA Rhodes Scholars to 25.

Innovative teaching: Assistant professor uses digital tools to create collaborative workspace

November 24, 2020
When classes resumed this fall, Andrew Jackson made it a priority to ensure all students—whether they were attending class in-person or remotely—remained engaged in collaborative discussions.

A time for self-discovery

November 30, 2020
Alumna DeLauren Olivia Davis (M.Ed. ’20) received her master’s degree and a student emergency scholarship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the scholarship, Davis could focus on graduating and completing her studies.