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McCully receives Honors Program's 2021 Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award

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Kevin McCully, a professor in the College’s department of kinesiology and director of UGA’s Exercise Muscle Physiology Lab, received UGA’s Honors Program’s 2021 Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award. This award recognizes superior teaching and dedication to Honors students in senior faculty members.

Kevin McCully

McCully has several Honors Program students working in the UGA Exercise Muscle Physiology Lab with him each semester. The students play a critical role in the success of the laboratory’s research, working as a team to assist with publications, presentations and research grants. Additionally, McCully encourages the students to learn how to conduct experiments and present and interpret data.

“I think the best part about receiving the award is to get the congratulations from the students I work with in my research laboratory,” he said. “For them to be happy for me and to thank me for working with them is very satisfying. I have always considered the best part of my job to be in the lab doing experiments with the students, so to be noticed for that is very nice.”

McCully will be honored virtually in this year’s Honors Program Graduation Booklet. Previously, he received the UGA 2017 CURO Research Mentoring Award and the South East American College of Sports Medicine’s 2009 Henry J. Montoye Scholar Award.

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