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UGA's CommunicAID+Nation supports alumna through donation

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The University of Georgia's CommunicAID+Nation—a nonprofit organization that provides direct and affordable services, financial assistance, resources and support to individuals with communication needs—recently made a $500 donation to assist in purchasing an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device mount for a Mary Frances Early College of Education alumna.

CommunicAID+Nation's executive team donated the AAC mount to safely secure the AAC device, a communication tool used to replace or support natural speech, to a wheelchair or walker. The organization's current co-presidents are Kaitlyn Gallagher and Meredith Headley, undergraduate students in the department of communication sciences and special education in the Mary Frances Early College of Education.

"This alumna has given back so much to both her students and community, so we are overjoyed to make this donation to her this year," said Gallagher.

To raise money during the COVID-19 pandemic, CommunicAID+Nation hosted several online fundraisers including selling stickers and other items with department of communication sciences and special education designs, hosting a gift card raffle and doing a skincare basket giveaway.

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