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Glickman receives 2021 Choice Reviews Outstanding Academic Title Award

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Carl Glickman, professor emeritus of the UGA Mary Frances Early College of Education, and Ian Mette, an associate professor at the University of Maine, recently received the 2021 Choice Reviews Outstanding Academic Title Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).

Their book, “The Essential Renewal of America’s Schools: A Leadership Guide for Democratizing Schools from the Inside Out,” was recognized for its contribution to the field of school leadership and overall excellence in scholarship.

“At this fragmented juncture, Glickman and Mette remind us across the cultural divide that the essential purpose of education is to build a better society,” said William Mathis, managing director of the National Education Policy Center. “This timely and critical book demonstrates how teaching and learning and a democratic school community are the key assets to solving our problems. It is not just the future of our schools that is at stake, but democracy itself.”

“The Essential Renewal of America’s Schools” is a must-read for anyone involved with school change in today’s divisive and complex times.

Filled with real-world examples, charts and illustrations that give teachers, principals, students, parents, school boards and community members what is needed to enhance their schools, the book also provides a roadmap for replacing dependence on top-down state and federal regulations while explaining how schools can gain greater autonomy from strict external regulations.

“This book originated from the collaborative work of the College of Education and UGA to implement what became a nationally validated school renewal partnership with a diverse group of K-12 schools called The League of Professional Schools,” said Glickman. “Hope springs alive to show what still can be accomplished when educators take seriously the public purpose for why we educate. I am indebted to my co-author, Ian Mette, for bringing a modern perspective to an age-old question.”

Glickman’s studies and writings on school renewal, education policy and educational leadership are archived at UGA’s Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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