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Professor selected as president, chair of Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Society

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George Engelhard, professor in the College’s department of educational psychology, was recently invited to serve as president/chair of the Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Society (PROMS), a nongovernmental professional organization promoting the subject of objective measurement.

PROMS promotes objective measurement and contributes to the research and development of Rasch measurement—a model used to analyze data—in the Pacific Rim.

“I am delighted to be invited to become the president of the Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Society (PROMS),” Engelhard said. “UGA is known for its service at multiple levels of society, and it is exciting to provide international leadership in my field of psychometrics to countries in the Pacific Rim and around the world.”

Engelhard’s goals are to increase the teaching role of PROMS and to initiate collaborative research designed to foster the improvement of measurement practices in the social sciences, including education.

The organization holds annual meetings and symposia to share new knowledge and applications of the Rasch model with the international community. These events include featured speakers, presentations, panel discussions and workshops on Rasch measurement.

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