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Doctoral student provides insight on low concession prices at the Masters

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The price of a pimento cheese sandwich at the Masters Tournament has remained virtually the same for the past three decades.

According to Tyler Skinner (Ph.D. ’24), a doctoral student in the Department of Kinesiology’s sport management program, food prices at the tournament are still reasonable despite growing inflation.

“The main thing to remember is concessions really make up just a very small percentage of the revenue being generated at the Masters,” Skinner told Fox Weather. “Concessions bring in about $8-10 million, but they make upwards of $70 million just on merchandise, so it’s really a small amount of their overall revenue plan.”

Due to supply chain issues, certain items—like the Georgia peach ice cream sandwiches—were missing from this year’s tournament. Additionally, the price of domestic beers went up $1 to match the price of imported beers. However, the tournament is most likely still turning a small profit with concessions.

“Overall, concessions are still very affordable,” said Skinner, who recently won the 2022 Applied Sport Management Association’s Graduate Student Research Competition Award. “The Masters has tried to play the long game more than the short-term revenue generation game where it’s leaving lots of money on the table in the short term—whether that’s concessions or their domestic TV rights—but at the end of the day, the Masters has a special place in the sports world.”

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