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Four doctoral students win first-place poster award at the Georgia Psychological Association Annual Conference

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Four doctoral students in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s counseling psychology program won first place for their poster at this year’s Georgia Psychological Association Annual Conference.

The four students, in order of authorship, are:

  • Amanda Shannon (Ph.D. ’24)
  • Alexina Pilo (Ph.D. ’24)
  • Lucia Quezada (Ph.D. ’24)
  • Jocelyn Jimenez-Ruiz (B.S. ’19, Ph.D. ’24)
“It is an honor to represent the ¡BIENESTAR! research and service team with a graduate student poster presentation at the Georgia Psychological Association's Annual Conference, and it is even more meaningful to win the first-place award,” Shannon said.

The team focuses on psychological research and service with cultural and linguistic competence to create a positive impact on communities.

Their faculty advisor is Edward Delgado-Romero, associate dean for faculty and staff services and professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services.

The poster, titled “Living below the Bible Belt: Practice Considerations in Working with the Undocumented Latinx Community during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic,” highlights the disproportionate rate at which COVID-19 affects the Latinx population, such as a higher risk of death from COVID-19 as well as lack of access to care and bilingual services.

“Our research team attempted to address the importance of the unique practice considerations in serving the undocumented Latinx community during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Shannon said. “This is research that we believe can create strides toward positive changes for the mental health field and for Latinx communities in Georgia as well as the deep south."

2022 GPA graduate poster first place
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