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Clinical professor quoted in NPR-affiliate story about heatstroke

  |   Anika Chaturvedi   |   Permalink   |   Media Mention,   Students and Faculty

Bud Cooper, clinical professor and clinical education coordinator in the Department of Kinesiology, was recently quoted in a story by NPR affiliate station Montana Public Radio.

Cooper helped create heat rules for Georgia high school athletes to reduce heat illness. Since 2012, Georgia has had zero deaths among high school football players.

On the other hand, many northern states, like Montana, do not have protocols or best practices outlining how to keep kids safe from experiencing exertional heat illness or what to do when exertional heat illness happens.

Cooper discusses using a combination of air temperature, humidity, and radiant heat, known as the “wet bulb globe temperature,” as a determining factor for heat policies across different states.

“And again, as we’re seeing these extreme temperatures now affecting more of the northern states, it is gonna be an area that I think has to be addressed,” he said.

Read or listen to the full story on Montana Public Radio.

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