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Amazing Student: Carter Phillipps

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  • Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
  • Degree objective and graduation date: B.S.Ed. in exercise and sport science, spring 2024
What made you choose to attend UGA?

I chose UGA simply because I fell in love with it as soon as I toured the campus. The community was so vibrant and exciting, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. 

Tell me about your work in the Neuromusculoskeletal Health Laboratory. How has working in the lab helped prepare you for your career?

I have been working in the Neuromusculoskeletal Health Laboratory for the past year and it has been such an amazing experience. I help with data processing of a couple different biomechanics tests being performed in the study. I have been watching recorded videos of the participants and taking notes on any mistakes or stumbles they make while walking across the force plates.

By taking notes and analyzing these videos before the research team processes them, they now have a complete set of information about these tests that can be referenced when analyzing results and trying to reach conclusions. I am going to graduate school for physical therapy this summer, and being involved in university research as an undergraduate is an invaluable experience that will help me in my education and career for the rest of my life.

Carter PhillippsWhat has been your favorite class in the Mary Frances Early College of Education, and what did you like most about it?

My favorite class in the MFECOE has been the Exercise Physiology Lab. I thought it was so interesting to go through the various exercises/tests and collect data on how they impact our body and our health. Our bodies are an amazing thing, and it was the most fun I have had in a lab class at UGA.

What volunteer experiences and extracurricular activities do you take part in?

I have been a part of UGA Miracle throughout college as well as volunteering at a physical therapy clinic for a year.

Why are you passionate about the field of physical therapy?

I am passionate about physical therapy because I want to help people recover, feel good, and get back to the things they love to do in life. Much of my inspiration comes from my little sister, who has cerebral palsy and has needed PT throughout her whole life. Watching her journey and growth made me want to do the same thing for other people in need.

What are your plans following graduation?

I am attending Georgia Southern University’s physical therapy school in Savannah, Georgia after graduation. I will miss UGA and Athens, but I am very excited to start my next steps on this journey!

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