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News articles categorized as: Alumni

Alumna named 2019 Georgia High School Science Teacher of the Year

June 11, 2019
Chelsea Sexton (B.S.Ed. ’14), a teacher at Kennesaw Mountain High School, was recently named Georgia’s High School Science Teacher of the Year.

Living, and giving, with purpose: Alumna's teaching career turns to technology

June 4, 2019
Jamie Rife (MED '08) connects unmet student needs with community members who want to help.

Sylvia Hutchinson works for the love of learning

May 30, 2019
'I can't imagine not teaching' says the retired professor, who continues to work with UGA students and faculty.

Strength in numbers: The Mito Test makes waves

May 29, 2019
Developed by faculty in the Department of Kinesiology, a simple test using light waves is having a ripple effect among alumni who now use it.

Alumni profile: Fostering social justice in the classroom

May 29, 2019
Mariana Souto-Manning (BSEd '01, MEd '02, PhD '05) wants us to rethink how we've structured teacher education.

Join in the conversation: How technology is transforming mental health

May 29, 2019
New technologies—from social media to podcasts to teletherapy—are moving discussions about mental health into the mainstream.

The Innovators: A visit with three educators who are pushing classroom boundaries

May 29, 2019
Whether it's through hands-on activities or digital tools, educators are re-shaping the way classroom lessons are delivered to 21st-century students.

Educating the world: Alumni bring student-led teaching around the world

May 29, 2019
But thanks to their preparation at the UGA College of Education, alumni are flipping classrooms and creating student-led lessons on a global scale.

Financial aid that adds up

May 29, 2019
Allison McNeece might have taken a longer path to becoming a teacher, but she's a better educator because of it.

Alumni profile: Creative thinking turns science educator into artist

May 29, 2019
Jamie Calkin started out with a passion for science education, but his doctoral program opened doors to a new career outside the classroom.