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Samsung Electronics, UGA to develop new digital health experience

While there are many factors when it comes to measuring energy levels, users of the upcoming Galaxy Watch may come closer to answering these questions based on their personalized “Energy Score."

UGA-Schenck School partnership enhances early literacy, teacher preparation

In collaboration with the Schenck School/ReadSource in Atlanta, 10 students in the College are providing high-quality reading interventions for over 30 students in the Atlanta area.

Amazing Student: Jonga Lee

Doctoral student Jonga Lee’s passion for K-12 education is inspired by her deep-seated concerns and interests regarding the education system, both in Korea and globally.

Three students in College of Education receive 2024 Presidential Award of Excellence

Undergraduate students Claire Hauf, Casey Jokay, and Caroline Reedy were recognized for their exceptional achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, and service to UGA and their College.

Study links childhood trauma, emotional abuse to sex addiction in men

Emotional baggage is often viewed as a minor inconvenience, but a new study suggests that emotional trauma may play a bigger role in the development of addictive behaviors in men.

New study establishes VR’s potential for helping autistic people navigate the world

A new study from associate professor Matthew Schmidt provides a foundation for using virtual reality and artificial intelligence to help autistic people better navigate the world.

Pathway to high-quality support for children with disabilities

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, the Pathway Project is a five-year grant led by associate professor Rebecca Lieberman-Betz.

$1.8 million grant to improve post-concussion driving safety

Funded by NIH and led by associate professor Julianne Schmidt, the study will provide recommendations for when individuals with concussions are safe to drive again.

Assistant professor receives $1.7 million award from U.S. Department of State

Giovanni Dazzo, an assistant professor in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy, received the award for his research project, “Promoting Rights-Based Evaluation (PRE).”

School counselors report prevalence of vaping, gaming issues among adolescents

According to a new study by associate professor Amanda Giordano, most high school counselors report a lack of formalized training in vaping and internet gaming.

Assistant professor receives early career award from research society

Assistant professor Zuchao “William” Shen was recognized for his work in advancing rigorous research relevant to educational practice.

Empowering caregivers

Students conduct research and improve language outcomes for children in UGA’s Child Communication Lab.

Inspiring future scientists

Middle-grade students received hands-on experience conducting science research at the College’s inaugural siSTEMas Camp—a $1.3 million joint research and outreach project.

Study finds targeted pre-K programs more segregated than universal pre-K programs

Students enrolled in targeted pre-K programs for low-income families may experience more racial isolation, according to a study by associate professor Walker Swain.

AI could improve assessments of childhood creativity

Researchers seek to increase reliability of evaluations on creativity assessments.

Utilizing ChatGPT in the classroom

Associate professor Xiaoming Zhai tests how ChatGPT writes, generates assessments, and provides feedback.

Luft named 2023 Fellow by the American Educational Research Association

Julie Luft, the Athletic Association Professor of Science Education and Distinguished Research Professor, was recently selected as a 2023 AERA Fellow for her exceptional contributions to, and excellence in, education research.

College’s gifted and creative education program recognized by publications

The University of Georgia was recently included among the most productive institutions internationally in the field of gifted and creative education.

Harmful coping methods prevalent among adolescents who self-injure

According to a new study by associate professor Amanda Giordano, adolescents with a history of nonsuicidal self-injury are more likely to use negative coping methods to deal with emotional pain.

UGA posts record $545.6M in R&D spending in FY22

The College of Education also experienced increases in R&D expenditures.

Making a purposeful impact

New career advancement tool developed by College faculty provides personalized job, training opportunities for clinical research professionals.

Study links social media, gaming addiction to emotions

According to a study by associate professor Amanda Giordano, adolescents who have trouble regulating emotions are most at risk.

Learning through visuals

Two recent papers from associate professor Logan Fiorella explore the effects of provided visuals for students on their explanations of concepts.

Sexting, pornography use common among adolescents

More than one in 10 have sent a sext, and about half have seen pornography, according to a new study by associate professor Amanda Giordano.

New book fosters cultural resilience, strength in Latinx community

A new book by associate dean Edward Delgado-Romero aims to inspire a new generation of mental health researchers and practitioners to engage with Latinx communities.

The way you talk to your child about math matters

A recent study conducted by assistant professor Michael Barger found that parents’ responses to children’s math success and failure are linked to motivation and anxiety.

Getting in the game

The work of an innovative research lab at UGA is giving hope to families of children with cerebral palsy.

New tools help assess COVID-19 risks

People can use the COVID-Taser website, created by assistant professor Cameron Byerley, to predict their likelihood of severe illness or death.

Assistant professor develops COVID risk tools, featured in New York Times

Sponsored by a rapid grant from the National Science Foundation, assistant professor Cameron Byerley created COVID-Taser, a new online platform that predicts the risk of the virus.

Active video games provide alternative workout

Study shows exergaming has positive health effects for people who don’t want to hit the gym

O’Connor and alumna write paper explaining effects of daylight saving time transition on marathon run performance

A new research paper co-authored by Patrick O’Connor, professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, details the effects on marathon run performance when taking place on daylight saving time transition days.

McCullick part of largest coach development survey undertaken in Irish Sport

Bryan McCullick, a professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s department of kinesiology, participated in a research team that conducted the largest coach development study in Irish sport.

Preserving intercollegiate athletics

A forthcoming paper by professor Thomas Baker offers a roadmap and suggestions to better protect and promote the rights of college athletes.

Sport teams instill sense of hope during pandemic

Involvement with sport brands may enhance psychological well-being, according to a new study by assistant professor Yiran Su.

Reimagining the future

Thanks to a new research-practice partnership grant from the Spencer Foundation, PCCSS and associate professor Theodore Kopcha will expand their ongoing partnership by weaving it together with Albany State University.

Assistant professor receives best professional paper award

Yiran Su, an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology, received the 2021 Best Professional Paper Award from the Sport Marketing Association.

Adolescents use social media to post about self-injury

Amanda Giordano, an associate professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services, found that Instagram hashtags related to self-harm almost doubled over the span of a year.

$3 million collaborative project to enhance AI in science education

Assistant professor Xiaoming Zhai will work on a collaborative project to enhance artificial intelligence and machine learning-based assessments to help science teachers make instructional decisions.

$1.9 million grant to grow Georgia's behavioral health workforce

Professor Bernadette Heckman and the UGA School of Social Work will train students to deliver mental and integrated behavioral health services in high-need areas of the state.

College works with school district to support new teachers

A group of College of Education faculty members and Clarke County School District teachers and administrators are working to design, implement and evaluate the district’s induction program for new teachers.

Students with concussions to get mentorship support

Katy O’Brien, an assistant professor in the department of communication sciences and special education, received a $200,000 grant from Andee’s Army to develop and test a peer mentoring program.

New research may explain shortages in STEM careers

A new study by the University of Georgia revealed that more college students change majors within the STEM pipeline than leave the career path of science, technology, engineering and mathematics altogether.

Web-based tool seeks to fill health care workforce gaps

Janette Hill, a professor in the department of career and information studies, helped create C2-Health, a web-based tool that aims to increase the number of qualified health care providers during the pandemic.

Associate professor's study on name, image and likeness (NIL) cited by ESPN

A new study co-authored by associate professor Thomas Baker found that the potential for NIL revenue, on average, was greater for female college athletes than males.

Children's problem solving extends beyond the brain

New research by associate professor Theodore Kopcha suggests that computational thinking in young children extends beyond the brain to include bodily movements and interactions with people and the environment.

Social media addiction linked to cyberbullying

According to a study by associate professor Amanda Giordano, higher social media addiction scores, more hours spent online, and identifying as male significantly predicted cyberbullying perpetration in adolescents.

NEA 'Big Read' grant brings graphic storytelling to life

Thanks to a recent “Big Read” grant award, Melisa “Misha” Cahnmann-Taylor will launch a series of readings, lectures and events focused on the works of famed American cartoonist Roz Chast.

Exercise is key to strength and function in older women

According to a new research study by associate dean and professor Ellen Evans, higher protein diets prove less important for weight loss and maintaining physical function in older women.

Assistant professor, doctoral students selected as NARST Basu Fellows

Assistant professor Xiaoming Zhai and science education doctoral students Jose Manual Pavez, Harleen Singh and Acya Fackler will use the fellowship to improve the experiences of students and teachers.

State-funded pre-K may enhance students' mathematical achievement

New research conducted by associate dean for academic programs and professor Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett shows the program has an impact on classroom success.

Doctoral student receives research grant from the International Olympic Committee

Jinsu Byun will use the grant to help collect a wide range of data on three previous Winter Olympic hosts, including Salt Lake City, Vancouver and PyeongChang.

Article by associate professor highlighted in Washington Post, New York Times

An article co-written by associate professor Thomas Baker explores the implications of resuming intercollegiate sports in the midst of a pandemic from a legal, medical and ethical perspective.

Professor receives inaugural Karen D. King Excellence in Advocacy Award from AMTE

Dorothy Y. White received the inaugural award for her advocacy and contributions to mathematics teacher education.

Imagining new possibilities

Anna Abraham, the E. Paul Torrance Professor of Creativity and Gifted Education, brings nearly two decades of creativity research to the Torrance Center as its new director.

Word choice matters in weather communications

Research by professor Alan Stewart shows certain phrases can make people feel helpless when facing storms.

Innovative teaching: Associate professor creates a virtual safe space

Using a virtual hosting site and avatars, associate professor Jori N. Hall aims to create a safe meeting space.

Weight loss shouldn't be the goal of PE

A new study lead by Sami Yli-Piipari, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology, shows kids’ physical fitness is more important than BMI.

Lecturer uses grant to support research on cognitive learning

Lecturer Amanda Ferster received a Learning Technologies Grant from UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning to support her research on cognitive learning.

Study to make computer science more accessible, fun for young students

Researchers from Clemson University and the UGA College of Education will partner with rural schools in South Carolina on a three-year research project to make computer science more accessible and fun for young students.

From the expert: Tips on lecturing with a mask

Nina Santus, a clinical assistant professor in the department of communication sciences and special education and the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic, shares her tips for lecturing while wearing a mask.

Antigravity treadmill training improves muscle function in people with multiple sclerosis

According to a new study by researchers at UGA and the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, antigravity treadmill training can improve muscle endurance in people with multiple sclerosis, even in the presence of moderate-to-severe disability.

Forming connections

Faculty in the College helped agriculture educators connect to their subject areas and enhance students’ problem-solving skills during a two-day professional development training session.

Sharing stories of resilience

Associate professor Tisha Lewis Ellison is conducting an international study on how teachers use digital tools to promote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Study to explore impact of COVID-19 on pre-K children's school readiness skills, recovery rates

To assess the long-term impact of COVID-19 on young students, researchers in the College are investigating the rate at which pre-K children return to pre-pandemic levels of school readiness.

Associate professor discusses new concussion research, driving with a concussion

Julianne Schmidt, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology, found that drivers with concussions had slower reaction times than those without a head injury by an average of nearly one second.

Study: Increased workloads lead to productivity loss

According to a new study by assistant professor Steven Salaga, National Football League running backs with heavier workloads tend to have higher productivity loss over time.

$1.2 million grant to prepare a diverse group of secondary mathematics and science teachers

Led by Julie Luft, Athletic Association Professor of Mathematics and Science Education, the GEMS project will recruit and prepare a diverse group of STEM educators to teach in high-need Georgia schools.

Educators must unplug their ideas about students' tech abilities

Associate professor Tisha Lewis Ellison cautions teachers from assuming too much about a student’s digital abilities. Kids can figure it out, she says, whether or not they have access to a computer in their home.

HIIT exercise programs for individuals with Down syndrome show benefits

Incorporating high-intensity interval training into exercise programs for individuals with Down syndrome may help achieve critical health outcomes in a more time-efficient manner.

Alumna receives Leon Bradley Scholarship to continue work in anti-racist education

Elaine Liu (B.S.Ed. ’20) received a Leon Bradley Scholarship to continue her work in anti-racist education and promote well-being in elementary school classrooms.

Through exercise, a doctoral candidate with autism thrives

Benjamin Boudreaux shared his journey of living with autism and how exercise plays an important role with the founder of Exercise Buddy, an autism-friendly exercise system that leads to better fitness and behavior.

The Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars' inaugural teach-in will provide information about homeschooling Black children

Cheryl Fields-Smith has seen a dramatic increase in homeschooling inquiries due to COVID-19. Because of these increases, she co-founded Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars.

Assistant professor awarded National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Logan Fiorella received a Fellowship to support his research on effective learning strategies. The fellowship begins Sept. 1 and lasts two years.

Study aims to enhance citizens' understanding of COVID-19 data

Assistant professor Cameron Byerley and her research team are conducting interviews with U.S. and South Korean participants to gain insight about their understanding of mathematical models as the pandemic unfolds.

Q&A: CABER's new telehealth model assists students with special needs during COVID-19

Kevin Ayres and Joel Ringdahl, professors in the department of communication sciences and special education, discuss the UGA Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research’s new telehealth model.

College students prepare to educate the future

Students are dedicating research and thought into educating and interacting with diverse populations of students, faculty, and staff in the public-school system.

Why people are panic buying and what can help

Alan E. Stewart, a weather and climate psychology professor in the department of counseling and human development services, shares his thoughts on the pandemic and accompanying behavior.

Bierema and associate professor Monica Fedeli are a dynamic research duo

From Italy to America, Laura Bierema and Monica Fedeli use the Fulbright Award to conduct research in the field of higher education teaching and organizational development.

Study: Social studies teachers' political ideologies linked to how they view news source credibility

According to a new study published in the “Educational Researcher,” two associate professors in the UGA Mary Frances Early College of Education found that teachers’ ideological bias may be moderated by how they define media credibility.

UGA graduate students support Cedar Shoals High School class with service projects

Three groups were chosen to receive funding for their research projects, which aim to benefit the Athens community.

Assistant professor quoted on sports betting in Georgia

Steven Salaga, an assistant professor in the department of kinesiology, was recently quoted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about the relationship between local viewership and online betting.

Reshaping the narrative: An opportunity for justice

Assistant professor Sakeena Everett receives the Alan C. Purves Award from the National Council of Teachers of English for her research on the literacy development of high-achieving black male students.

Study shows strong teachers' unions preserve education spending

States with collective bargaining for teachers experienced substantially smaller drops in teacher salaries after the Great Recession, according to a new study.

Research team supports professional development of clinical research coordinators

Georgia CTSA’s Translational Workforce Development program implements results of a study conducted by three professors in the department of career and information studies and their team in training and career development.

Dean Spangler receives 2019 Alumni of Distinction Award from UGA

The University of Georgia Graduate School honored 10 graduates for achieving exceptional success in their professional careers and in service to their community.

Leaving a footprint in the Latinx community

Two doctoral candidates—Marlaine Monroig Garcia and Rebekah Ingram Estevez—were honored at the 2019 National Latinx Psychological Association conference in Miami, Florida.

Research through community service

Two kinesiology professors are the first to publish research on the comparison of youth tackle and flag football head impact biomechanics.

Assistant professor aims to create alliance for Parkinson's research

Tarkesh Singh is investigating whether non-contact boxing can alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with the help of local businesses, clinics and the Athens community.

A 'thoughtful' workout goes beyond physical benefits

Professor Philip Tomporowski found that certain physical activities may have an effect on the brain’s response to aging and even help improve cognitive function.

Virtual reality reduces leg muscle pain during high intensity cycling

High intensity cycling is less painful when combined with virtual reality, according to a new study by University of Georgia researchers.

Associate professor quoted in AJC on benefits of smaller tests

According to Laine Bradshaw, smaller tests could result in less stress for students and more useful information for teachers.

'Flipped' classroom experience gets students more involved

STEM faculty can assess how to improve student learning by adjusting their lessons to make better use of the space, benefiting potential K-12 STEM teachers.

UGA researchers receive $1.4M to combat opioid crisis

Awarded by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration, the grant will bring an interdisciplinary team of researchers together to grow the state’s opioid-related behavioral health workforce.

Exercise alleviates ADHD symptoms, according to College study

Professor Patrick O’Connor found that young men with symptoms of ADHD could benefit psychologically from short workouts—similar to the benefits enjoyed by typical adults who work out.

Giving voice to unheard narratives

Two researchers with ties to the University of Georgia’s College of Education believe that amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities is the key to collective healing during times of disaster and traumatic stress.

Assistant professor receives award for research on computerized adaptive testing

Shiyu Wang received the 2019 Early Career Researcher Award from the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing. Her research aims to improve and enhance personalized assessment and learning in education.

Tanzanian trip plants seed for robotics and future technology

By connecting math and science concepts with real-world experiences, UGA faculty member hopes lessons impact country’s overall economy.

Associate professor named editor of behavior analysis journal

Joel Ringdahl was named editor of a multidisciplinary journal committed to increasing communication between behavior analysis and psychology and providing up-to-date information on current developments in the field.

Graduate student receives Spencer Foundation fellowship

The award will allow Stephanie Renee Toliver to pursue her research into Afrofuturism, a cultural aesthetic used by black authors to reclaim and recover the past, counter negatives and elevate positive realities and new possibilities.

Faculty member receives national fellowship to help develop new measurement tool

Shiyu Wang, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, is among 30 selected for the 2019 National Academy of Education (NAEd)/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows program.

Building community with technology

‘Smart’ huddle rooms in Aderhold Hall promote collaborative learning opportunities for students, faculty.

Abolitionist teaching: 'It's about you caring and loving our culture'

Bettina Love wants to push American public education to the next level. The associate professor is calling for more radical reforms to the country’s educational system, which she compares to the abolitionist movement.

Media mention: Welsh's research sheds light on disparities in school discipline

It’s a complex issue, said Richard Welsh, who recently presented his research to the Clarke County Board of Education.

Media mention: Kinesiology professor quoted in Women's Health Magazine, MyFitnessPal website

Professor Patrick J. O’Connor lends expertise on the benefits of exercise to help you feel energized and happier.

Media mention: Concussion Lab's research featured in Ottawa Citizen

Research done by the UGA Concussion Lab has shed new light on the negative effects concussions and head injuries have on driving, and were recently highlighted in a story in the Ottawa Citizen.

Assistant professor receives early career award from AERA

Logan Fiorella, an assistant professor in the department of educational psychology, recently received the Division C Early Career Award from the American Educational Research Association for his contributions to the field of educational psychology.

Feeding language needs: New ideas in crafting classroom lessons

A research-based teaching method developed by researchers in the College’s Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education is changing the way conversations take place in schools.

UGA exercise studies featured on

Two studies by UGA researchers in the College of Education’s department of kinesiology found that working out for 20 minutes can consistently increase feelings of energy.

Graduate student's research wins prize at conference

Lashawn McNeil, a second-year doctoral student, received the graduate student presentation prize at the annual Research Association of Minority Professors conference.

Two professors receive 2019 Fellows Awards from the American Counseling Association

Jolie Daigle and Anneliese Singh received 2019 Fellows Awards from the American Counseling Association for their contributions to the counseling profession.

New study on learning by teaching highlighted by

Assistant professor Logan Fiorella and Richard Mayer, an educational psychologist, found in a recent study that exposing K-12 students to learning by teaching strategies can significantly improve grades.

Study: Teacher retention bonuses result in lower turnover rates, higher test scores

Offering teachers a retention bonus to stay at low-performing schools may increase test score gains among students in both reading and mathematics, according to a new study by assistant professor Walker Swain.

Fellowship allows graduate student to pursue picturebook research

Doctoral student Eun Young Yeom is a recipient of a national fellowship to support research into children’s literature.

Doctoral student wins UGA's 2018 Capturing Science Contest

Tong Li, a fourth-year doctoral student in the department of career and information studies, won first place in the graduate category of the University of Georgia’s 2018 Capturing Science Contest.

Professor, student honored by sports medicine organization

They are the recipients of the Local Achievement Award for Athletic Trainers and the Promising Career Award.

Sister scholars: Supporting black women in academia and life

What started out as an academic writing group evolved into something so much more for three alumnae navigating and exploring their professional and personal identities in higher education.

Assistant professor reconsiders Pre-K 'fade-out' effect

Walker Swain discusses whether high-quality early grade teachers can help the Pre-K effect, or the benefits children receive from attending Pre-K, last longer.

Not a guilt trip: Study looks at couples' path to staying in shape

Now recruiting new participants, the study looks at how exercising with friends or a partner and with an electronic tracker helps keep older adults active.

Graduate student wins applied behavior analysis poster contest

Kavya Kandarpa, a master’s student in the department of educational psychology, won a poster contest hosted by the Georgia Association for Applied Behavior Analysis.

UGA, Putnam County teachers work to create new model for lessons

Project uses images from the National Archives to drive project-based learning.

Professor's research leaves room for 'literacies'

By connecting with middle and high school students’ needs, Donna Alvermann’s approach to adolescents’ literacies stays current.

PIPs project highlighted by U.S. Department of Education

The University of Georgia’s Preparation of Interdisciplinary Providers project in the College of Education received a spotlight in the U.S. Department of Education’s Early Learning newsletter.

A belief in 'grit over wit'

UGA Amazing Student Anita Qualls is working toward a career in academic medicine. Along the way, she has played a key role in the Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction Lab in the College of Education, directed by assistant professor Jarrod A. Call.

Media mention: Call interviewed about evolution of his research program

The Alliance for Regenerative Rehabilitation Research and Training recently interviewed College of Education assistant professor Jarrod A. Call on the evolution of his lab’s Regenerative Rehabilitation research program and his AR3T pilot grant that helped shape his research.

End-of-semester event blends art, education and research

Student showcase highlights issues in education through performance.

Study: New approaches to school discipline still fall short of goals

Despite gains made by alternatives to suspension, low-income and minority students continue to be disproportionately disciplined, according to a new study by a College of Education professor.

New round of funding expands UGA lab's involvement in concussion research

$22.5 million from Department of Defense, NCAA will now look at longer-term effects of head injuries.

Official partnership paves way for South Korean collaborations

An agreement signed earlier this month by the College’s Research and Innovation in Learning (RAIL) Lab will help bring South Korean university students to a top American university to learn lessons in robotics and virtual reality and deliver them to K-12 students in South Korea.

Study links weather safety training from teacher workshop to students' homes

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers draw a line between increased awareness by teachers and better prepared families

Paper co-authored by professor, alumna recognized among year's best

‘Black Lives Matter: A Call to Action for Counseling Psychology Leaders,’ recently received the Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship on Race and Ethnicity Award from the Section for Ethnic and Racial Diversity.

Professor lends expertise on how bias becomes bullying

Professor lends expertise on how bias becomes bullying.

College of Education dean focuses on building collaborative community

Whether she’s working with pre-service teachers or one of her six doctoral students, Dean Denise Spangler strives to inspire genuine curiosity in the way her students approach their teaching.

When hurricanes threaten, take time to focus on mental health

Alan E. Stewart, a professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services who studies weather and climate psychology, shares his advice on staying calm and clear-headed in a severe weather event.

Associate professor featured in NBC short film on home schooling

Cheryl Fields-Smith explains why more African-American families are home-schooling their children.

Media mention: Kinesiology professor's research continues to protect student athletes

In a recent interview on The Weather Channel, Don Corr of the Georgia High School Association explains how UGA research is today protecting student athletes.

'Cookies' and 'Crumbles' help kids realize their appetite for science

A science education game developed by a College of Education faculty member wins the 2018 International Serious Play Award.

Study discovers 'switch' that helps muscles heal, regenerate

Controlling ‘satellite cells’ may help treat certain diseases and aging issues.

Study shows sports betting drives viewership

According to a study by Steven Salaga in the department of kinesiology, viewers stay tuned to games longer when either team has a chance to cover the point spread.

Alumna receives 2018 Mid-Career Contribution Award from AERA

Kakali Bhattacharya, an alumna of UGA’s College of Education, received the Scholar of Color Mid-Career Contribution Award from AERA for her contributions to education research and development.

Scholarship winner works to inspire new mathematics instructors

Doctoral candidate Claudette Tucker received 2018 Mary Frances Early Scholarship to support research in mathematics education.

'School choice' options hasten neighborhood gentrification, study finds

Communities may benefit from overlapping education and housing policies.

When the answer is wrong, but the solution is right

‘Case-based’ curriculum helps students of all ages become better problem solvers.

Connecting the dots: UGA helps high schoolers document local history

New grant bolsters collaboration between Putnam County, College of Education and Willson Center to engage students in research, digital humanities.

Faculty research looks at link between eggs and bone health

UGA researchers to determine if egg consumption can improve bone strength and cognitive function in children.

Study underway to evaluate Camp DIVE's impact

The research team is using a mixed-methods approach that will look at student achievement through various lenses.

Doctoral student merges art and literacy with GMOA exhibition

While studying in the College of Education, Rachel Sanders noticed a glaring paradox in the field of new literacy. In response, she presented her doctoral defense solely outside the written word with an exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art.

Researcher's work promotes school climate change

Catherine Bradshaw turns data on bullying into positive solutions.

Alumna receives 2018 Science Academy Award for Young Researchers

Zelha Tunç-Pekkan recently received the 2018 Science Academy Award for Young Researchers to enhance her studies on children’s construction of fractions and its relationship to algebra.

Mixing health care and engineering for new careers

Professor helps turn students on to emerging careers in the field of bio-engineering.

Doctoral student receives minority fellowship from NBCC Foundation

Raven Cokley in the department of counseling and human development services was recently awarded a federally-funded minority doctoral fellowship from the National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation.

Professor's work, legacy celebrated at special AERA session

The Monday session features a panel of black women teacher educators sharing how professor Cynthia Dillard’s work has influenced their thinking, research and the ways they navigate academia as black women scholars.

Smagorinsky shines light on effective school leaders

During his ongoing research study, Peter Smagorinsky discovered an outstanding principal who was praised by a participant for his leadership and involvement at a Madison County high school.

2017-2018 College of Education Distinguished Alumni Awards honor six for their achievements

Six graduates of the University of Georgia’s College of Education will be recognized for their career achievements and community leadership at the College’s 13th annual Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner on April 6.

Dissertation award helps doctoral student focus on Russian verbal research

Thanks to a dissertation research award, Albina Khabibulina can dedicate her efforts to researching conceptually complex topics for those learning Russian.

New study examines link between school choice policies and gentrification

Households are far more likely to gentrify communities of color when school choice options expand, according to assistant professor Walker Swain.

Assistant professor co-authors study on misophonia; featured in top publications

In a new study, Logan Fiorella found that people who said they were sensitive to sounds had a harder time mastering and retaining information when they could hear a person chewing gum.

Higher education can help remove barriers to access, says Means

An article in the winter 2018 edition of the Journal of College Admission cites assistant professor Darris Means for his knowledge of college access among rural and black high school students.

When small movements make a big difference

New study looks at how vibration can help children with cerebral palsy.

There's no shame in sweat, says kinesiology department head

Janet Buckworth’s comments in Women’s Health Magazine support larger idea of sweat as something to be embraced.

Faculty member wins Fulbright to research, refine teaching in Italy

Based in Padua, the months-long project also involves collaborations among Italian and American universities.

Professor says student engagement is a sign of 'flourishing'

Amy L. Reschly, a professor in the department of educational psychology, was recently cited in the Harvard Business Review for her expertise in student engagement.

Associate professor works to refine school assessments for students

Laine Bradshaw was recently featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for her work on a pilot program that will help refine school assessments for Putnam County School District.

$3.3 million grant to help children stay active with virtual reality

Thanks to a five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health, an interdisciplinary team of UGA researchers will introduce a new virtual reality system to help promote physical activity among children ages 6 to 10 year olds.

$1.1 million grant to promote collaboration among service professionals

A new five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs will help graduate students gain collaborative clinical experience serving young children and earn an advanced degree.

New grant project enhances teachers' toolbox

Using a psychometric method she developed, Laine Bradshaw now has a grant to apply her research in classrooms.

$1.9 million grant aims to increase Georgia's behavioral health workforce

A new federally funded project supports the training of counselors and psychologists.

How one educator revived her enthusiasm for the classroom

In the AJC’s Get Schooled blog, professor Peter Smagorinsky has been following one Georgia teacher’s journey since she was a student at UGA.

Doctoral student explores vocational counseling in online article

The need in the HIV/AIDS community is huge, writes graduate student Michael B. Drew, but it has the potential to change many lives for the better.

Professors, alumnus contribute to journal's special leadership issue

Faculty and an alumnus of the College of Education were recently featured in a special issue of The Counseling Psychologist, a flagship journal among counseling psychology professionals.

Want that second piece of pie? Take a quick stroll to help handle the carbs

College of Education studies find even a 15-minute walk will help with blood-sugar levels.

Turning political emotions into classroom assets

New study aims to reveal how students encounter and process their beliefs and reality.

Five myths about campus sexual violence

Often, perception is very different from reality, argues associate professor. Race, gender and other stereotypes play into many misconceptions and distort how we approach solutions.

The gifts you can't touch

By tailoring assessments to what’s being taught in the classroom, teachers better understand student needs.

Research helps children reach their potential

Research is helping children learn new ways to express themselves—and teaching them a preferred way to communicate that they are more likely to retain.

Professor emeritus, 74, shaped and defined field of student affairs

Roger B. Winston Jr., professor emeritus in the department of counseling and human development services, who contributed over more than 20 years in the field of student affairs, died on November 4, 2017, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 74.

Have solutions, will travel

Students in the College’s special education program are branching out to assist with children and families across the state.

Erasing the line between learning and play

What if a child’s energy release can also help reinforce what’s being learned in the classroom? An ongoing project explores this effect.

Blending research with civic engagement to teach literacy

By connecting children with the community, faculty inspire a new generation of researchers.

Accentuate the positive

Katherine Raczynski draws from her extensive research in bullying prevention to work with schools and educational organizations across Georgia to improve school climates.

A way to perk up your day with a jolt of exercise

The next time you head to the vending machine for a can of caffeinated soda, just keep on walking—that exercise will likely wake you up more than the drink.

Counseling psychology professor focuses on giving back to community

As a bilingual Latino, a first-generation college student and a son of immigrants, Edward Delgado-Romero’s earlier life experiences led him down a road of discovery; service; and, eventually, a world of change.

Doctoral student receives BFSO Founders' Award from UGA

Brittany Williams received UGA’s 2017 Black Faculty and Staff Organization Founders’ Award in recognition of her achievements as a graduate student.

Lab's projects find sustainable solutions to real-world educational puzzles

In the College of Education’s RAIL lab, researchers already know what they want to achieve—they instead spend their time trying to get there.

Alumna's achievements featured in alma mater's impact report

Julia Clark (MEd ‘68) was featured in Rutgers University Graduate School of Education’s 2017 Impact Report for her contributions at the National Science Foundation.

Is there a better way to test reading comprehension?

A new grant will explore test-taking behavior and reading comprehension outcomes in elementary and middle-grades students.

UGA researchers to improve STEM instruction in elementary classrooms

Thanks to a $2.1 million study funded by the National Science Foundation, the UGA College of Engineering and the UGA College of Education will develop a model course that prepares elementary school teachers to more efficiently teach mathematics, science and coding using interdisciplinary approaches.

Modlesky appointed as Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Kinesiology

Christopher Modlesky, a professor in the department of kinesiology, was recently named the Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Kinesiology by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

New patent perfects muscle mitochondria test for diseased populations

Professor Kevin McCully’s device makes it easier to diagnose and treat problems such as fatigue, muscle weakness, peripheral vascular disease and heart failure.

Kinesiology professor helps researchers go digital to increase kids' physical activity

Children ages 6 to 10 will wear a personal fitness tracker and set physical fitness goals.

Georgia legislators, staff get update on concussion research

This year’s federal legislative retreat featured a stop at the indoor football practice facility for a kinesiology presentation.

Professor named president-elect of school psychology society

Scott Ardoin was recently named president-elect of the Society for the Study of School Psychology, a nonprofit organization focused on recognizing and supporting scholarship and research.

Research examines the creative process for a hit TV show

Findings from a recent presentation could have wider implications throughout the entertainment industry.

Doctoral student recognized for research on Latina psychologists

Brooke Rappaport, who is studying for her Ph.D. in counseling psychology, received the Student Scholar Latina Award for Section III, Division 35, of the American Psychological Association.

Professor wins fellowship to study college access among rural black students

Darris Means, an assistant professor in the department of counseling and human development services, is one of 30 chosen as a 2017 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellow.

Program explores links between language and social justice

WIDA researcher visits College to see middle school program, share vision for organization.

Faculty member works to spread word about heat-related illness

Bud Cooper, clinical associate professor in the department of kinesiology, is one of several professionals behind The Heat Factor, a new website dedicated to sharing information about heat-related illness.

Presidential Scholars event highlights UGA connections

The first-ever awards program honors a College alumna, while a new partnership with UGA houses the Scholars’ archive.

New grant uses abstraction as a guiding principle for learning

Science education assistant professor Daniel Capps receives $449,849 NSF grant to enhance how students and teachers can learn about the nature of scientific models.

Passion for education helps student sew new skills

Doctoral student Ashley Nylin enhances student teacher learning and community partnerships.

Professor's summer residency will help improve literacy in Mexico

Misha Cahnmann-Taylor will use art, poetry and theater to engage community members in Guanajuato, Mexico in literacy education this summer.

Exploring microaggression in science education

Science education professor Mary Atwater receives $229,061 NSF grant to conduct transformative research in racial microaggression.

Skip the soda, opt for the stairs to feel more energized

A midday jolt of caffeine isn’t as powerful as walking up and down some stairs, according to new research from the University of Georgia.

It's not love, it's not hate—it's just 'like'

UGA researcher delves into the many meanings behind a totally tubular word.

Summer camps help kids gain physical, mental strength

Exercise, athletic training and creative writing offered through the UGA College of Education

Kinesiology professor recognized for work with undergraduate research

Kevin McCully will be honored by CURO in April for his research mentorship and commitment to students.

Exchanging expertise

UGA and Russian faculty develop new studies and teaching materials for second language learners.

Researchers develop test to evaluate muscle health

New low-cost tool evaluates individuals with neurological injuries and illnesses.

Exercise program helps seniors make connections

UGA-based study aims to educate while testing what motivates some to exercise

English education professor to serve on new research advisory panel

Peter Smagorinsky was recently invited to serve on the James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) Advisory Panel for a new education research program.

Assistant professor selected as ACPA Emerging Scholar Designee

Darris Means was recently selected as an Emerging Scholar Designee by the American College Personnel Association to pursue research initiatives that align with the mission, interests and strategic goals of the organization.

Schools hosting College's exercise research get visit from Danish performance team

The National Danish Performance Team will perform in Athens as part of a 10-month world tour, stopping at 2 local schools along the way.

Alumna, Israeli scholar consults with faculty on joint research project

Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija, the first Israeli Arab woman to be appointed an associate professor at an Israeli research university, evaluates student achievement and the structural validity of measures and tests.

Research project helps graduate student dive into community's needs

First-ever needs assessment of Latina/o community helps Ruben Atilano gain perspective on the people he may serve as a counselor.

A concussion may affect your driving even after symptoms disappear, study finds

Even though participants felt like they had recovered from their concussion, they were still likely to drive erratically while using a driving simulator.

Associate professor develops assessment tool

Laine Bradshaw’s work is focused on developing and leveraging diagnostic psychometric methodology to design assessments that are both detailed and efficient.

Partnership helps English language learners in 2 countries

The partnership draws from research from the College of Education’s Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education, which found a particular method of instruction called “instructional conversation” was extremely successful in helping English-language learners catch up with their peers.

Alumna and professor emeritus receive outstanding research paper award

So Mi Kim and Michael Hannafin were awarded the Outstanding Journal Article Award from the Association for Educational Communication & Technology (AECT).

Study finds movement in treating epilepsy

A kinesiology student launches a study in an area not often addressed: How exercise affects chronic seizures.

New project takes gifted education at Department of Defense schools to next level

UGA researchers will now work on implementing results of recent project.

Breaking the mold

Triple Dawg researches new ways to diversify classroom experiences and support academic success in young students.

CLASE researcher named Service-Learning Fellow

Paula Mellom, associate director for the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education, aims to develop a graduate-level course.

Day on campus teaches kids to be language leaders

Hall County students get an up-close look at Portuguese, Latin American plants, and a new way to frame classroom discussions.

Planning, preparation help ease stress of powerful storm

Empty shelves of bread and canned goods aren’t just a sign of last-minute hurricane cravings—the purchases are also a coping mechanism.

Professor named a Research Thought Leader by the Innovation Collaborative

Bonnie Cramond was named to a group of six national advisors to stimulate further research on how the intersections of the arts and STEM can promote creative thinking in K-12 settings

A summer's swim into learning

Camp DIVE gives kids the chance to rethink how they see a classroom

Rural location, race influence students' access to college, according to new study

Students from rural communities who want to attend college face challenges on their pathways to higher education, according to a new study from a College of Education researcher.

New book helps define trans-affirmative counseling practices

A new book introduces the concept of “affirmative counseling” with transgender and gender nonconforming clients.

Cris Escalera: 'Education can change your life'

The senior exercise and sport science major created a community health fair and works in the Biomechanics Research Lab.

Study: Player-on-player hits cause more serious head impacts

In football, player-vs.-player hits will likely cause more severe head impacts than other impacts, according to a new study by a College of Education researcher.

Daigle elected to editorial review board of flagship counseling journal

Jolie Daigle was elected as an editorial review board member of the American Counseling Association’s Journal of Counseling and Development.

Amazing Student: Lenie George

Doctoral student Lenie George gets to offer professional development on how to integrate technology within the classroom in meaningful ways.

Study finds ultrasound is reliable, inexpensive way to measure health

When kinesiology graduate student Hui-Ju Young began looking into ways to use ultrasound to measure muscle health, she had no idea her research would be based on cattle-and cuts of beef.

Yli-Piipari quoted in Washington Post on validity of conducting research studies with mobile phones

According to Yli-Piipari, researchers can do very little to prevent participants from entering fake data with mobile apps, such as Apple’s ResearchKit.

Study finds childhood fitness reduces long-term cardiovascular risks of childhood obesity

A new study from a group of international researchers has identified a potentially effective tool to reduce the long-term health risks of childhood obesity: aerobic exercise.

Doctoral student receives national research fellowship

Seles Gadson’s nine-week summer fellowship will allow her to study and conduct research at NIDCD’s laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland.

Professors quoted on academic expectation, graduation rates among black students

Louis Castenell and Jim Garrett examine whether lower expectation for black students may effect graduation rates at both the high school and college level.

A passion for discovery

Student researcher Becky Baltenberger tackles muscle fatigue and upcoming graduation.

COE faculty members recognized during 2016 Honors Week

Five faculty members in the College of Education were recognized for their accomplishments both in the classroom and in the local community.

Graduate students receive poster award from College's research conference

Five students were awarded the Graduate Student Research Poster Award during the 2016 College of Education Research Conference.

Graduate student competes for new national award

Doctoral student Melissa Erickson is one of a handful of students from across the country named as a finalist for the first-ever Presidential Cup.

Study finds exercise can help enhance diabetic medication

Doctoral candidate Melissa Erickson examines the effects of exercise on blood glucose levels among patients taking metformin.

Runco explains why electric brain stimulation is "complicated"

Can zapping your brain with electricity boost creativity? Professor Mark Runco weighs in on a growing movement that’s taking the Internet by storm.

Researchers to develop new measure of creativity

Two doctoral students from Plymouth University, United Kingdom are collaborating with gifted education professor Mark Runco on a new study that aims to develop objective methods of creativity measurement.

Associate professor studies growing unschooling movement

Cheryl Fields-Smith was recently quoted in the Christian Science Monitor about the growing unschooling movement among African American families.

Sibling rivalry fuels research initiatives

Brother and sister pair Michael Cook and Jennifer Cook Edwards credit their success to sibling rivalry and a passion for technical education.

Smagorinsky analyzes the effects of standardization on teachers; student creativity

Peter Smagorinsky weighs in on how today’s corporate education model is impacting teachers and their ability to foster innovative and successful students.

Professor contributes to new science education guidelines

The report, “Science Teachers’ Learning: Enhancing Opportunities, Creating Supportive Contexts,” produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, assesses and discusses essential learning opportunities for elementary, middle and high school science teachers.

New faculty grant seeks next generation of active learning

Glickman Challenge Grant for Project-Based Learning aims to link classroom lessons with a larger goal.

Doctoral student receives $3K dissertation grant

Leslie Blevins was awarded the Fall 2015 Dissertation Grant from the Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) to fund the pilot phase of her dissertation project.

Professor receives international award in educational assessment from NCA

George Engelhard received the 2015 Qiyas Award for Excellence in Educational Assessment at the National Center for Assessment’s Second International Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Booklet helps guide STEM instructors in new UGA center

When faculty begin using the classrooms and labs in the University of Georgia’s new Science Learning Center next fall, they will have a handy booklet to help them in designing their STEM-related courses.

Along with your morning, coffee may also boost your exercise routine

The caffeine in your morning cup of coffee could help improve athletic endurance, according to a new University of Georgia review study.

College to partner with Harvard's Center on the Developing Child

COE is partnering with Harvard to develop innovative practices that support the healthy development of children ages 0 to 3 with toxic high stress.

Join the gym to feel energized, lose weight

U.S. News story cites professor’s study in article on weight loss

LEAP professor selected to join first cohort of LEEAD scholars

Jori Hall was recently selected to join the first cohort of Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) by the Anne E. Casey Foundation.

Launch party highlights grant to help Georgia families

Stakeholders, partners gather for a kickoff reception at the UGA Special Collections Library

Kinesiology study aims to change chemotherapy recovery process

Kevin McCully makes a case for exercise as part of the healing process

Professor co-authors new book; examines how teachers act, think, talk

Joseph Tobin’s new book looks beyond lesson planning and examines how teaching is shaped by ways of communicating.

Professor named associate editor for new 'translational' journal

A professor of kinesiology in the University of Georgia College of Education has been named to a two-year term as associate editor of a new research journal.

CLASE researcher's article noted for its popularity

An article by a CLASE researcher has been named among Taylor & Francis Publishing’s most popular, according to Altmetrics scoring.

COE launches new autism, behavioral analysis research center

The University of Georgia College of Education has pooled its expertise to form a new research center focused on autism and behavioral analysis.

Study links standing with lower obesity

Students, families and teachers celebrate LISELL-B's White House recognition

Over 100 Latino and Karen-Burmese middle and high school students and parents celebrated the recent White House award received by LISELL-B.

Working to create a deeper understanding of mathematics

Solving 28x15 might seem easy, but can you explain why the answer is 420?

Using robotics to build for the future

Robotics partnerships foster creative problem solving among area students.

Undergrad's study adds insight to her future career

Most students wait until they are in graduate school before beginning a research project. But not Zoe Yurchuck.

Tracing the legacy of sporting events

One professor’s research shows how the effects of a large sporting event can extend beyond a stadium’s boundaries.

The researcher's researcher

Through a new PhD program in qualitative research and evaluation methods, Jori Hall teaches others about the best ways to gather data.

Student learns how survivors overcome life's mountains

Doctoral student examines factors that create survivors, not victims.

Student finds a common denominator with calculus, coaching

As a dual major in mathematics education and mathematics, Schoon can unite his passions for math, teaching and coaching as a high school math teacher.

Richard O. Welsh examines K-12 policy and reforms

Research that examines equity in education.

Rahul Shrivastav studies the meaning behind our voice

For the past two decades, Rahul Shrivastav has been making considerable contributions to the field of communication sciences and disorders.

Professor's work helps to break down barriers

Study on transgender identity development is first of its kind.

Nina Santus is passionate about students who stutter

Graduate student loved treating people who had a variety of speech and language disorders, but knew she could do even more by going back to school.

Message from the dean: It's about the people

Any time you make a personal connection, you influence another person’s life.

Lab work spawns company model

Kevin McCully works with campus partners to create a tool to measure muscle health.

Kevin Burke gives kids new tools to discuss difficult topics

His research is largely focused on the intersections of gender, sexuality, and religion in schooling.

How children's eyes move across a page of text can be as influential as what they're reading

Research works to influence reading habits for student success.

Games add a new element of fun to learning

A new approach to educational games teaches scientific thinking.

Faculty member works to create a culture of success

Community-driven research focuses on college access.

Complicating conversations about sexual assaults, white privilege

Chris Linder says she hopes to ‘complicate the conversation.’

Class ensures fitness for everyone

Wellness program blends research, outreach to benefit all involved.

Award-winning partnership benefits future teachers, students, educators

Working together, the College of Education and a local school district have created a model that trains future teachers, supports current ones, and benefits students; today, it’s a model used nationwide.

100 years later, Torrance's creativity still flows

Research starting from the pioneering work of the College’s Dr. E. Paul Torrance continues to influence gifted and creative education today.

New system helps teachers gain back valuable instruction time

Research helps teachers reclaim time lost transitioning to a new subject while increasing student focus.

Research by DeBray, others cited in 'American Prospect' magazine

A little-known federal program aimed at promoting school diversity ended up getting watered down at the local level, according to a study co-authored by a University of Georgia College of Education professor.

NSF-funded College of Education project recognized by White House initiative

LISELL-B, a $2.6 million NSF-funded research and development project, was recently recognized by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Study: 'Guilting' teens into exercise won't increase activity

Adults who guilt middle-schoolers into exercising won’t get them any more active.

Runco contributes 30 years of creativity research to new NEA report

Mark Runco recently participated in a new report that examines how creativity works in the brain.

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