Our Mission

Our Mission



The Clarke County School District and the University of Georgia College of Education Professional Development School District aspires to transform education at all levels through a systemic, sustained and comprehensive partnership.



The mission of our partnership is to improve the quality of education for all our students through a student-centered approach which fosters:

  • Engagement in learning.
  • Interdisciplinary understanding and problem solving.
  • Critical inquiry and higher order thinking skills.
  • Authentic learning, connected to real world issues.
  • A sense of civic responsibility.


We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Engaging in shared inquiry focused on teaching and learning.
  • Facilitating the professional development of faculty in both institutions.
  • Providing opportunities for clinically rich experiences in educator preparation.
  • Sharing our expertise to innovate and to solve problems.
  • Integrated decision making.


Adopted September 6, 2012 by the PDSD Coordinating Council