Annual PDSD Coordinating Council Dinners

On April 28, 2015, over sixty members of the Professional Development School District (PDSD), gathered to celebrate five years of district-wide partnership, which began when the UGA College of Education and the Clarke County School District (CCSD) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) in April 2011. The celebration dinner took place at Trumps Catering and included a keynote address by Dr. Carl Glickman, Emeritus Professor in the College of Education.

In April 2016, the PDSD Coordinating Council celebration BBQ dinner and meeting took place the Athens Community Career Academy, including representatives from 11 CCSD schools and faculty from five departments at the College of Education. CCSD Culinary Arts students cooked part of the meal and served attendees.

Mentor Teacher Recognition Receptions

Each May, the UGA Office of School Engagement hosts a special reception to recognize the contributions of CCSD Mentor Teachers who support UGA teacher candidates. Teacher candidates from several different teacher preparation programs speak about the positive impact mentor teachers have on their student teaching experiences.

NAPDS Annual Conference PDSD Dinners

Representatives from the PDSD have participated in the annual conference of the National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) since 2011. At each conference, all members of the PDSD gather for a group dinner to share reflections on their experiences in the PDSD and share insights from the conference. Group dinners have taken place in Washington, D.C., Atlanta (luncheon), Las Vegas, and New Orleans.


PDS Workshop Dinners

At the annual PDS Workshops in 2014, 2015, and 2016, PDSD principals and UGA faculty who work in schools joined workshop participants for dinner and conversation. In 2014, Dr. Bruce Field, one of the founders of the National Association for Professional Development Schools, gave a keynote at the dinner; in 2015, Dr. Nancy Dana, Professor of Education at the University of Florida keynoted the event.