H. B. Stroud Elementary School

H. B. Stroud Elementary School

Principal: Marsha Thomas

PDSD Activities

Faculty Support

Dr. Tarek Grantham and Dr. Meg Easom Hines, in the department of educational psychology, teach a UGA Freshmen Odyssey service learning course related to minority student talent development on-site. Hines and Grantham’s FYO and doctoral students were featured in the Athens Banner-Herald in May of 2015 highlighting their work at HBS.

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Hines works with Spectrum teacher, Leslie Brown, coaching the school’s Community Problem Solving (CmPS) team. For the past two years, the CmPS team at Stroud has placed first in the Junior Division for the Georgia Future Problem Solving Bowl.  This past June, the team took 2nd place internationally in the Environmental Concerns, Junior Division at the Future Problem Solving International Competition in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  The team partnered with Watershed UGA on a project, creating a rain garden on their school campus.  Hines and Brown have assembled a new team this fall to continue that environmental work with Watershed UGA with an extended project on the campus.

Click here to read the June 20, 2017  article about the students placing 2nd in the international competition.

Community Problem Solving teams work together to solve a real-world problem in their school, community, state or country using the six-step problem solving process. Community Problem Solving is a component of Torrance’s Future Problem Solving Program.

Read more about Hines’s involvement in the Office of School Engagement Fall 2014 newsletter.

Additionally, in the spring semester, Grantham worked with graduate students in his EPSY 4470:  Educational Psychology of Race and Racism course, to carry out the Math Hall and Ball Program. Math Hall and Ball provides accelerated math instruction and mentorship in an after school setting to 5th grade students. Students work for 45 minutes with UGA students in technology-oriented accelerated math programs to enrich their understanding of mathematical concepts and 45 minutes of basketball time together in the gym.

On-site Courses

During the fall semester Dr. Morgan Faison and Dr. Mary Guay are teaching on site courses and working with students in field placements.  Dr. Faison is teaching EDEC 4030:  Integrated Curricular Practices and Dr. Guay is teaching LLED 4120:  Reading Instruction and Assessment in the Elementary School.  In Dr. Guay’s course, students evaluate reading assessments and instruction and apply their understandings by tutoring the students during school hours.  Together, they have 22 UGA teacher candidates on site and have an additional 6 teacher candidates completing field placements with mentor teachers at Stroud.