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CLASE Outreach

The Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE) boasts an incredible multilingual/multicultural team of graduate students who are prepared and excited to offer their unique expertise and bolster your efforts as you seek ways to engage and support your students, faculty, and community stakeholders.

Submit A CLASE Outreach Event request if you are interested in scheduling one of the outreach offerings described below.

Biographical Presentations (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Team member making a biographical presentation

Our team of multilingual/multicultural graduate students offers presentations that celebrate their cultural backgrounds and their educational journeys. Students share stories, discuss their paths to graduate school, and share about their current graduate programs and goals. The aim of the biographical presentations is to provide representation of the multiplicity of stories to K-12 and undergraduate/graduate students who may not typically see themselves reflected in academia.

Resource Presentations (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Team member giving a presentation

The goal of CLASE’s resource presentations is to help students and families more easily access quality education pathways and identify post-secondary funding opportunities. Resources are tailored to the unique needs of Latino and other culturally and linguistically diverse students and parents navigating the college application process. The resources offered encompass aspects of higher education planning, from step-by-step guidance on college applications and financial aid opportunities, to specialized college prep strategies. These presentations aim to provide both inspiration, and practical advice and tools to help every student achieve their academic dreams.

Event Tabling (Face-to-Face)

Table setup at community event

Our multilingual/multicultural team of CLASE graduate students would be delighted to attend your school and/or community events (e.g., Parent/Teacher nights, Hispanic Heritage Month events, in the cafeteria during career week, etc.) and set up a table to provide your attendees (including faculty, students, and families) with valuable resources regarding access to educational pathways for Latino and other culturally and linguistically diverse learners, post-secondary funding opportunities, teaching resources, etc. The aim is to promote knowledge sharing and foster engagement within the community.

Family Workshops (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Our Outreach Team

Through Family workshops, our graduate students are made available to discuss resources and steps for college to families. Some examples of topics covered are:

  • How to fill out scholarship applications
  • How to fill out FAFSA
  • What are Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs and why should my child enroll in them?
  • What is Dual-Enrollment and how would it benefit my child?

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Please email the outreach team leader to discuss other outreach options.

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