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CLASE Tutoring and Mentoring Program


In order to keep our community and students safe during current conditions precipitated by COVID, the CLASE tutor/mentor program has been suspended until further notice.

This after-school enrichment program takes place twice a week at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School, focusing on third- through fifth-graders.

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Are You a UGA Student?

Come volunteer with us! This program connects undergraduate and graduate UGA students with students in the community, offering them a window into the possibilities provided by education. Our UGA student volunteers have the opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience working with children while also motivating students and learning about the Athens Latino community.

Are You a Parent/Community Member?

This program is an excellent example of how UGA students connect with the Athens community. Tutors give their time and knowledge to Latino and English language-learning children, helping them with homework, reading skills, (especially for younger children), and play learning games with them. Tutors may work with students individually or in small groups.

Get Involved

For more information or to volunteer, please email us .

What Our Volunteers Say

The most eye-opening and rewarding of all my experiences this semester.

Being a part of this community, and seeing what positive things go on has really opened my eyes and taught me many things.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tutoring

Can I get credit?
Tutoring at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School with CLASE will fulfill service requirements for courses as long as you have professor approval. Supervisors work to keep track of hours volunteered.

Additionally, it is possible to receive 1-3 hours of service-learning credit per semester for regular tutoring at the graduate or undergraduate level via LLED 4620 / 6620.

When does tutoring occur?
Tutoring takes place 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Due to the individual nature of our tutoring program, it is necessary for tutors to be at the site for the duration of the tutoring day.

Additionally, we encourage tutors to arrive around 2:45 p.m., if possible, to spend additional quality time with their tutee.

What do I do as a tutor?
This depends on the site and the particular needs of the children. Generally, tutors help students understand and complete homework, help with reading skills, especially for elementary children, and also have the opportunity to do learning games with the students. In some cases, tutors work with students individually, in other cases, in small groups.
Where does tutoring occur?
Tutoring takes place at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School. Do not worry if you wish to tutor but do not have a ride; we assist tutors with finding ways to carpool.
Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to tutor?
No, many of our tutors speak English only, and the children’s homework is all in English. (Not all the students are Spanish-dominant, either!) However, for those who do know some Spanish, tutoring Latino students is a great way to use your Spanish-speaking skills and to model the importance of bilingualism.
How do I get started?
We recruit for tutoring at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester and have online registration. If it is near the beginning of a semester and you are interested in tutoring, please email us to find out about available tutoring opportunities.


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