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Creative Explorers Camp

Hosted on UGA’s campus, the Creative Explorers Camp is a hybrid day and residential summer camp for rising 8-10 graders. We offer four week-long sessions spread across June and July 2023. Creative Explorers can expect a highly stimulating and engaging curriculum in state-of-the-art specialty topics they would not typically experience in their regular school settings. Our instructors are trained to use research-driven, creative strategies in the classroom while teaching courses that are innovative, interdisciplinary, imaginative, and project-based.

The Creative Explorers Camp is designed to be highly flexible so that campers and their families can pick and choose course alternatives and delivery options that suit them best according to their needs. For instance, campers may attend one course over one week or register for multiple courses over multiple weeks. They can decide to attend the day camp in one week and the residential camp over another week. We aim to provide maximal choice and flexibility in the hope of allowing students the best possible learning experience over the summer.

We will do our best to place our Creative Explorers in their number one course choice. Each class size is expected to be approximately 15 students, with a student-to-staff ratio of 10:1 during all academic and residential activities.

All sessions will offer daytime classes, while select weeks will also offer the option to attend as a residential student housed on campus in a UGA dormitory.

2023 Course Descriptions

Our course offerings will be posted here in early December, along with registration information. You can expect to find subjects like virtual & augmented reality, psychology, creative writing, theatre performance & production, visual art, journalism, product innovation & development, and mythology.


I loved the course I took and all of the friends I made that I will miss a lot. I love the fact that we were always doing something, and we were never bored. I didn’t find anything difficult in this camp. It was overall a great time!


I loved how things flowed. There was so much freedom and experience, but also so much structure…it was an amazing experience, and I would be honored and would love to come back next year.


This program fills a much-needed gap in programming for teenagers. It’s not easy to devise an intellectually stimulating and socially fun experience for them, make expectations clear to them, and effectively uphold them—and you all did it. I have nothing but praise and high regard for you. Thank you, Torrance Center.


Thank you, again, for running such an enriching program for our kids. I can’t say that I have ever heard [my child] this consistently enthusiastic about any other program. She has enjoyed every moment of her time in the program from the academic side to the social side. She called me the first day and said, “I’ve found my people!”


Contact Information

General information - Please contact Amy Miller .
Payment information - Please contact Tabatha Minish .

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