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The Pediatric Exercise and Motor Development Clinic (PEMDC) has been provided for over 30 years and is designed to provide an activity program for children who need assistance in physical and motor development.

Children from 2-14 years of age attend the clinic which provides activities to facilitate physical and motor development. In this context, we use exercise, motor learning and aquatics instruction for children at their level of functioning. Each child has a designated student from the adapted physical education class who works on a variety of skills that are determined from an initial assessment, referral from a physician, therapist, or school.

Students develop program plans that are supervised by faculty and graduate students in adapted physical education. Programs will vary according to the child's needs but generally involve a half hour of physical or motor skills and another half hour in the aquatic setting. We attempt to facilitate skills that the child can use in home and school settings that will be functional and useful.

For more information, contact Christopher Modlesky.