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Outreach programs in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice

  • An Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT)

    This sub-award from the Georgia Institute of Technology involves several units across the University of Georgia. A portion of this award will be used by Cory Buxton to create curriculum materials to broaden interest in the field.

    National Science Foundation
  • Conceptualizing Emotion in Political Discussions in Classrooms

    Through interview, observation, and video-cued focus group discussions, Dr. Garrett will construct a conceptual framework for accommodating the emotional aspects of facilitating discussions about political issues in classrooms.

    H. Jim Garrett Spencer Foundation
  • Improving Teacher Quality Higher Education Program

    Teacher quality grant projects are for the professional development of teachers in language arts, mathematics, reading, science and/or social studies. Grants can also address teachers' use of technology, alternative assessment strategies, or innovative teaching strategies, all with the goal to strengthen and deepen teachers' content knowledge in their academic subjects with emphasis on how deepened content knowledge impacts teaching practices and student learning.

    Kathy F. Thompson U.S. Department of Education
  • LISELL-B: Language-Rich Inquiry Science with English Language Learners through Biotechnology

    LISELL-B is a National Science Foundation-supported project to implement a large-scale, cross-sectional, and longitudinal study to understand and support the teaching of the language of scientific investigation practices for middle and high school students (grades 6-10) with a special emphasis on English language learners and a focus on biotechnology.

    Cory A. Buxton National Science Foundation
  • Professional Development School District

    This collaboration between the Clarke County School District and the University of Georgia College of Education brings a professor-in-residence to several local schools where they help with professional development, volunteer efforts and student teachers.

  • Red Clay Writing Project Grant

    Through our summer institute, open institutes, writing retreats, and Saturday workshops, we offer teachers a wide and engaging list of professional learning opportunities, many for UGA credit or state PLUs.

    Stephanie Jones National Writing Project