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It takes strength to bring about change. Big change might come from the top down—large-scale ideas from institutions, for example—but small change, the kind that might improve how a paralyzed person goes through rehabilitation or how a student understands mathematics, can also have a profound effect. And this is what we do every day.

Here, learn about how we change lives in both large and small ways. Our faculty are leaders in their fields, and their impact can be felt in three main ways: They connect with the world around them, they innovate in areas of research, and they inspire others to reach new heights.

As you learn about the College's recent accomplishments, we look forward to another academic year—one where our dedicated students and faculty continue to connect with their passions, innovate in their fields, and inspire others. The result is a brighter future for us all.

Best regards,
Craig H. Kennedy, PhD
Dean and Professor


We connect to learners of all ages, new technologies and ways of thinking, and higher levels of teaching and understanding. Our students learn the importance of this early on as they connect with community partnerships and regional, national, and global programs.


Our faculty foster a deep understanding of innovation, where our laboratories and clinics create new ideas, processes, and solutions that improve human lives. You can discover innovations in classrooms, boardrooms, athletic training rooms, and beyond.

When learning is play

What if a child's energy release can also help reinforce what's being learned in the classroom? An ongoing project explores this effect.

A jolt of exercise

The next time you head to the vending machine for a can of caffeinated soda, just keep on walking—that exercise will likely wake you up more than the drink.

Helping children reach their potential

Research is helping children learn new ways to express themselves—and teaching them a preferred way to communicate that they are more likely to retain.

Giving a population its voice

Faculty and graduate students in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services are reaching out to local immigrant and Spanish-speaking populations to help them get the counseling services they need.

Getting ahead of the problem

Getting ahead of the problem

Faculty members and their labs in the College of Education are taking an innovative approach to treating concussions, looking at ways to support students as they return to their daily schedules following a head injury.

The kids are all right

The kids are all right

Through an innovative approach to buildingliteracy skills, often called youth participatory action research, not only do young adults feel empowered in their community, but they also learn valuable research tools.

An emerging market

A new partnership he formed with China's Southwest University of Finance and Economics is well timed, offering a unique opportunity for both University of Georgia students as well as Chinese scholars.

Have solutions, will travel

Students in the College's special education program are branching out to assist with children and families across the state.

The leaders of the pack

The issues involved with running a school require a depth of knowledge that often doesn't come to principals in their first few years on the job. That's why the College's Early Career Principal Readiness Program exists.


Just as many students go into teaching because a teacher once inspired them, we aim to inspire others to follow our example of innovation and service. Some may find this through the research done by our faculty. Others may be motivated by giving back to the College after graduation by supporting our students, faculty, and programs, and ultimately our mission.

Scholarship funds have helped me travel to conferences, study abroad, and helped pay living expenses during my doctoral program. By providing scholarships to UGA students, donors and stakeholders are affirming the importance of education and providing invaluable support to students seeking to enrich the field of education!

— Ashley L. Love, doctoral student, Department of Educational Theory and Practice

The scholarships reduced anxiety about making ends meet. They supported my development as a teacher educator. They inspired me to bring my research message, cultivated at UGA, to a national audience. I will always be thankful for the generosity and kindness displayed by the scholarship committee and our humble donors.

— Matthew Moulton, Doctoral student and middle grades education graduate assistant, department of educational theory and practice